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    Applications version updates

    No updates for any of my apps. Wish the MySpace one would show blogs and bulletins.
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    Just sold my 8gig gen 1 iPhone for 250 bucks on craigslist

    Plus tax, plus activation means an extra $100. Then $15 more a month for 2 more years, plus 1 more year on your contract.
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    Aim app question...

    Consider AIM just like e-mails on your phone. Do you get charged for sending out e-mails?
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    App Reviews - Annoying and Unfair

    I enjoyed the ones that give an application 0 stars and said "where is 2.0 Apple! this sucks". Apple should remove those.
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    What's your favorite game so far?

    Ive been playing the South Park Imagination Land game like crazy. $10, but well worth it.
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    Bought game on iPhone, synced to computer, game gone now asking me to rebuy?

    Nevermind. I said f' it and it asked me to download it again for free. Phew.
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    Bought game on iPhone, synced to computer, game gone now asking me to rebuy?

    Is that right? I purchased a game on my iPhone. I re-synced my computer and now it (and a few other free apps) are now gone. I went back to the game via App store and its asking me to repurchase it.
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    So WHEN IS the 2.0 Update Out?

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    Customize 2.0 Fix Out!

    Sweet. all worked well. Now I just need to find some good Apps.
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    Customize 2.0 Fix Out!

    How do I change my carrier name?
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    Customize 2.0 Fix Out!

    Yes. I wound up refreshing my sources again and it finally popped up. Odd.
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    Customize 2.0 Fix Out!

    I just installed the latest Installer and have Community services going...but no Tweak 1.1.4 listed. I have up until 1.1.3?
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    Customize 2.0 Fix Out!

    Where is SUID Lib Fix in Installer?
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    iHome IP99 iPhone Clock Radio now available (No buzz, no airplane mode)

    Just saw the new iHome IP99 at my local Apple store. Price was $149.95. It promised no buzz and no airplane mode. Box clearly shows an iPhone as well. Anyone buy this yet?