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    Now that u have iPhone ru going to sell your IPOD?

    I had a second generation 20Gb ipod and I gave it to my son who is in college. I created a smaller playlist of my favorite music and imported it to the new 8G iPhone, that is plenty of music for me. With the iPhone craziness I ended up buying my daughter a 4Gb Nano last week. Apple is going to...
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    iPhone doesn't have a "One-size-fits-all headset jack"

    I got a wire type adapter, its about 3 inches long from, works great and is easy to carry in my pocket as compared to the stiff belkin adapter that Apple stores carry. Glenn
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    The answer to the glowing battery

    I got my iPhone on day 2 and its the 745... version. I don't see white dots, my screen is fine. Glenn
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    My countdown has BEGUN!

    Thanks for your service to our country. I hope you will be safe until you get to come home and also that you can come home soon. Maybe the military can give you an iPhone as you get off the plane, wouldn't that be cool! Maybe I'll send off a letter to Pres. Bush telling him to get those iPhones...
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    what accessories did u get with your iPhone ?

    My accessories My accessories included: 1) Incase black rubber case, love it reduces slipperyness of iPhone 2) From a) flexible headphone wire type adapter, perfect for my Sennheiser headphones b) plastic glass protective shield, didn't like the...
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    Battery Life Problems Does Your Glow?

    Before I put my iPhone on its charger last night I gave it a dose of ******, now it glows for at least 4 hours before I take it to the Apple store for a checkup.
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    E-mail issue

    comcast attachment works for me I had problems on first day setting up email for comcast using the imported mail server settings that iPhone imported from my computer, with message rejected. I found settings that work well for me now. You can search everything iPhone for settings I posted here...
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    Safari error message too many windows open?

    Thanks for the tip. I did have a number of pages open, but they were blank. Once these were closed everything worked find.
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    Safari error message too many windows open?

    I get this error message about once a day. Safari complains that too many windows are currently open. What does this mean. As far as I can see I only have one window open. Does it consider windows that I can back arrow too as "open windows"? Any suggestions and explanations are welcome. Glenn
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    Headphone adapter solution!

    Thanks for this link nzomatrix. I ordered the adapter and the splitter so that I may also use a headphone amplifier to amplify output from the iPhone. Glenn
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    Chess for iPhone

    Very nice chess program even though I beat it in easy mode and accidentally underpromoted twice once to a rook and once to a knight. I need to work on my microfingertype promotion skills! Glenn
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    Headphone adapter solution!

    Can I send you my Sennheiser headphones for dissection? Good grief, please Apple, change this jack in the next iPhone update to standard jack. Otherwise I love this phone. Glenn
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    changing cities for weather

    How to shuffle cities in weather? Anyone know how to change order of cities in weather without reloading them? That would be a nice feature addition.
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    Scratches on the glass

    I like incase also After a owning iPhone for a week I went to Apple store and picked up a black incase rubber case. It greatly improves the grip on the iPhone without a significant increase in thickness. Although it does not protect the glass I am careful about placing the iPhone in my pocked...
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    So what's your charging cycle?

    my charging cycle Since my iPhone is new I am using about 90% battery life in a day. I charge every night, charging seems pretty fast whether on sync or plugged into the wall.