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    MMS Finally Working!

    i used a old sim that was used on many previous devices, got the iPhone today, jailbroke it, and bam! swirly works... maybe an old sim that used mms before works too?
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    you need to stop freaking out... is your friend even old enough to watch porn? :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    updated! no problems, didn't have to restore anything, ringtones are still there, one thing i did noticed is the usage thing works again, when i charged my iPhone, it showed that it was 100% charged as of before the update it never showed on the green battery that it was full, so i guess they...
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    ways to turn on WiFi

    besides turning on the wifi through settings, does anyone know a shortcut to turning the wifi on and off?
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    I took my iPhone SIM card out and put it in a BlackJack

    so will it work on a phone with 3g? unlimited? what?!