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    Pre-order Pajama Party

    order went through on apple app, just select different options, then reelect what you want, will eventually give you choice to add to cart
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    iOS 7 Beta 2

    So far I've noticed voice memo icon added, and Siri voice choice of male now available
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    AT&T Activation Servers Overloaded

    So I called AT&T, they imputed everything they needed to (Sim & IMEI #) no luck. They tell me to go to a local store if I'm close to one. I drive to the AT&T store, and they were honestly no help at all, were actually kinda rude, saying since I bought it through Apple, it was a issue with their...
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    Preparing for shipment

    I've been stuck on preparing for shipment since Saturday also. No luck at all on the Fed Ex or UPS site using a reference (my phone#) tracking. Just checked UPS again now, and it shows that it shipped last night and is departing China, scheduled delivery by end of day Friday. still...
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    Waiting for the Phone

    my status just updated to preparing for shipment. Happened over the last 45 minutes.
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    Preorder from Apple or AT&T

    I preordered through last year, had the phone at my door the day before launch. I was actually waiting in line at the Apple store with my buddy for his phone, with the iPhone 4 already in hand. People were amazed.
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    Otterbox Defender Contest Thread

    I would like to win the Otterbox Defender case, so my "naked" phone will feel secure
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    Apple TV2 To Get NFL Sunday Ticket?

    Bought the ATV2 last week and I was researching online what are some of the features and I stumbled across this, would be thrilled if this is true. As long as the lock out gets squared away.
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    Limera1n JB Released

    Just went to the website, and the JB is out, Geo jumped the launch of greenpo1son.
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    iTunes 10 Disables WiFi Sync?

    Antone else notice this? I just updated and it restricted access to wifi sync.
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    iPhone 4 Compatible Jailbroken Apps

    Just installed lockinfo and it works, having problems with the twitter plug in though.
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    iPhone 4 Compatible Jailbroken Apps

    I installed Winterboard and "iOS 4 complete", it's gorgeous, shadows labels and icons, really looks nice on iPhone 4 display.
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    Got My Power Support Anti-Glare Today

    yeah, they actually have the backing to the screen in 3 sections now, which helps out a lot with applying it.
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    Got My Power Support Anti-Glare Today

    My Zagg skin