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    iPhone 3G case cracks (white)

    Got my replacement this evening at the Apple Store. So far I see no cracks on the phone and will be keeping an eye out for any that may form due to using the USB cable or headphone jack...
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    iPhone 3G case cracks (white)

    My white one has a shield and a case and I didn't notice any cracks when I first read this thread around 6pm EST yesterday. Later that night, when I looked more carefuly, I found them. They are barely noticeable, but now that I know they are there. I can't feel them at all, so I am leaning...
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    iPhone 3G case cracks (white)

    Thank you for posting this! Just checked my 4 day old, barely used and lovingly cared for white iPhone, and BAM! Crack near the volume buttons. I have already returned one white iPhone last Thursday after having it for less than 12 hours. That one had a chipped chrome bezel. So now, in five...
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    iTunes asking for a lock code?

    EDIT: Never mind, I took out the SIM and I was unable to take care of this... I recently purchased a 3G and gave my sister my old v1 iPhone. She connected it to her computer a few moments ago and iTunes is giving her an error message saying something about being unable to connect because it...
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    3G chip in chrome bezel

    I had to take mine back the next day to the Apple Store after I noticed the same issue on the lower right side of my phone. They replaced it, no questions asked.
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    AT&T iPhone Upgrade

    I signed up with AT&T on September 13 or so of 2007, and my account says I am now eligible for an upgrade if I sign a new 2 year agreement... So I haven't been signed up with AT&T for 9 months yet... Interesting...
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    One handed iPhone

    Please let me know if you are on the road in the Detroit area texting while driving so I can be prepared to stay away from you! I would go ballistic if someone crashed into my car because they couldn't pull over to a safe area and send their stupid text message without endangering the lives of...
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    Apple says I sent back an empty box

    Dang! My friend's instance was at a UPS Store, so it hadn't even made it to the hub yet!
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    Apple says I sent back an empty box

    I have a friend who sent an expensive package to his fiancee, who was working out of town for a year, and the package arrived to her empty. After the same sort of running around, and "we never received it to even ship it" and employees being rude, he ended up having to write to the...
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    Hi, I am a new AT&T customer, and switched from Verizon after many years for the iPhone. My second billing cycle started today, so I was expecting some rollover minutes to be listed on my account summary, but there were none. I am assuming that this is because I started service around 9/10 and...
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    Who's Tired of All the Negativity?

    I just don't like it when the posts get nasty, but they are keeping me amused while I am working. :)
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    Apple, Jobs, AT&T sued over iPhone price cut, rebates

    LOL! That is an AWESOME shirt!
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    How to tell if you are an Apple Fanboy?

    Same here!
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    Update 1.1.1 & GoPhone PrePaid Service?

    I was debating trying the Go Phone plan, but I decided that it would work out better for me to do a regular plan with my iPhone. I hope I made the right decision! :laugh2:
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    Were You Pleased with The New iPhone Update 1.1.1 ?

    It makes it a lot easier for me to buy songs I like on iTunes without the hassle of always having to boot up the computer and deal with the syncing immediately, etc. I am happy with the iPhone overall, and I really can't complain about it!