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    Just got back from vacaTion

    I was in greece for about a month and I wanted to know whats up with the iPhone. Whats in the new updates and stuff? Also I still haven't updated it in a while and I have things im afraid to lose like my playlist that got deleted on my comp. and the contacts I manually entered all 500 of them...
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    How many of you had added ringtones?

    Theres like tutorials EVERYWHERE now and Im just wondering you how many of you guys have it done and Im just kinda scared to try it Im afraid Im going to mess it up somehow and have a non working phone.
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    computer crashed lost everything on iTunes :(...would..

    When I plug in my iPhone will it lose phone numbers or anything since iTunes is empty? Cause IM paranoid to try it and I don't wanna manually type in 500+ names again
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    trasnfer Contact question

    Soo I just set up with yahoo to have yahoo contacts but I don't have any saved on my comp. How do I get the contacts from my iPhone to save on the comp to yahoo contacts? just in case anything happens its like 500+ and don't feel like typing them all again lol
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    Do your contacts save to SIM?

    Im just wondering. B.c I don't know how to do all this synching stuff esp. when my outlook hasn't been updated since like '97 lol . Im just afraid they'd get lost if something happens to my comp or iPhone :::knocks on wood::: also is there an easy way to save all youre music and files? because...
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    Does anyone know of this site?

    another one :) iPhone Application List
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    Does anyone know of this site?

    I don't know if this has been posted before but its pretty damn cool. Ive bookmarked a couple links (movie listings,aim chats..) and they work pretty well.... and another aim site even though I like beejive layout better. Does anyone else...
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    AOL mail - How do you check it?

    Im not sure how to fill out the thing. Im kinda slow in this section lol. How do you set it up. Like what did you type in
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    AOL mail - How do you check it?

    How do you set up the mail ? Im so confused on how that works. Do you set it up with the mail thing on on the phone or do you just check it through the browser?
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    FINALLY!! activated ...questions on edge

    If it wasn't for this super nice lady at AT&T who cared I still would be left with a non working phone. She ported my number in the store b/c iTunes wouldn't let me. So its finally activated and I was wondering...since I tried to use you tube and safari it says im not subscribed to edge. NOW is...
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    Battery Problem and Apple's response...

    I feel like taking it and throwing it across the room! Im so annoyed I was on the phone today from 2pm till 10:30 pm! and going to AT&T 4 times in between. When I plug it in it automatically just says account info and to enter current number...but I don't have that. So im talking to Apple and...
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    UGH! Very mad.... can't activate

    SO i finally get my iPhone today and Im so excited to start using it and everytime I plug it in and open iTunes it foes straight to the window for existing customers. (Im currently with tmobile and wanna change) so I went to AT&T they said its because I didn't get my credit check so they did that...
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    What should I do going away tomm... online order?

    Soooo It sucks that Im going away to southbeach tomm. ( I live in ny) and I wont be able to wait in line. I mean last year I waited from 11pm till 9 am for the sk 3...and would def do it this year but Id miss my flight. Do you think chances ordering online are gonna be bad? I mean it seems so...
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    Changing plans & questions

    Well first off hello! to the people on here My names Frank. So I have a problem Im going away on friday to southbeach and I don't know what to do. I wanted peoples opions...should I order online,look for an Apple store there? I currently have tmobile and Ive been hating it for a while now the...