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    iOS 6 - Killing Battery

    Same on my 4s. If I don't charge the phone occasionally while at work I will be at around 25% with moderate usage. I have not figured out what is doing it. I turned off location services and that didn't seem to help. Turning off BT didn't either.
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    Have you updated to iOS 6, what are your first impressions

    So far not blown away. The maps worked ok, only it gave me the wrong distance between two points. Following the same route my GPS (Garmin bike computer) clocked the ride at 12.8 miles and maps told me it would be about 16 miles. I think I just need to play with it more to see if it will do...
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    Siri update - am I missing something?

    I have to admit, I was really excited to hear that Siri was going to possibly come out of beta and advance to the big leagues. Sadly there is still something this "advanced digital assistant" cannot do and that is simple phone functions. Can someone explain to me (I am serious) why Siri...
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    How does Passbook work?

    Does nothing for me as well. So far the upgrade is really not doing much for me...
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    Who's getting the new iPhone? (Poll)

    I see your point but I must disagree. Since Apple has a death grip on the hardware and software they should offer MORE options. I want a taller and wider iPhone (if I am going to upgrade) and there isn't one for me to go to. Apple still firmly believes that I don't want what I say I want (since...
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    Favorite feature of the iPhone 5

    Siri! Oh wait, that will still be worthless. So I guess nothing really.... But the nano looks good. Might pick one of those up.
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    Who's getting the new iPhone? (Poll)

    Totally passing on this. Will stay with my 4S until I can no longer take the blandness that is the iOS. They really need to change the OS a bit. If they are not careful Android will blow past them with OS features if they haven't already done so. That S3 is looking really good right now.
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    Help us compile the list of Best iPhone Games [Paid]

    I would also add the following: Battleheart Dungeon defenders: first wave
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    Does Your iPad 2 Have Light Leakage On Edge Of Screen

    Black 64 wifi and while it is only been a day, there has been none that I have noticed.
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    black or white? You happy with the color? No choice?

    I have the black 64 and the color is spot on. Now to find a case. They are more scarce then the device itself. I don't want the smart cover, I would like an actually folio type of case.
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    iPad 2 White or Black

    Mine will be a black 64, wife will be a black 32, my mother will get a white or black 16, not sure which yet.
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    Who's getting the iPad 2?

    Will be getting a 64GB for me, a 32GB for my wife, and a 16GB for my mothers birthday. I just wish I could order them now. I passed on the first version, so now is the time for me.
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    iPad 2 is confirmed!

    A better screen is what is holding me back. I would love an SD slot, but I know that is a pipe dream. Being able to load information onto the device without hooking it to the computer is really something I want and need. We don't ever need more storage space (thanks Steve for thinking for us). I...
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    data rates since netflix app? lol

    Loving the netflix app too. I will have to shut my wifi off when I use it as I am only at 1gig for the month so far. :-(
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    A good "To Do" app?

    I use aNote (awesome note) and like it a lot.