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    iPad Smart Case - Apple has done it again!

    You may have used that case for a long time,buy a new one or just buy a stand.
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    Your 10 Most Favorite Applications

    Capture is my most use.
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    iPad Smart Case - Apple has done it again!

    I am also a big fans of smart case,a beige ultra thin smart case is what i am using,i like the front triple design.I am always looking for an slim case because i don't want my lovely iPad covered by a bulky ugly case,luckily i got this cute...
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    iPad as a phone ?

    Does skype works?
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    Which iPhone 5 case are you getting?

    OK,here more pictures for you:
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    Which iPhone 5 case are you getting?

    Bumper case is cool,actually a hard metal frame just like the aluminum bumper is enough for the protection of iPhone,well hold the phone and won't spoil the original phone.
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    test post only, don't read

    Lol,the not read thread became the most read one...
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    What theme do you use?

    HD themes? Could you please post the picture?
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    How many apps are enough?

    As many as iPad could store.
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    iPhone (people can't hear me, can't hear people)

    Yes,my friend just made the same mistake,the shield.
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    I Love the iPad mini

    Those tips are helpful,good advice,thanks.
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    Won't connect to WiFi ? Please help

    Set the right network setting,or try to connect another wifi to see whether it work.
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    Does anyone hate the new iTunes?

    I don't have too much feeling about this,no hate or like.
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    First app you ever downloaded?

    Fruit ninja is great,but not my first app.
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    Happy Birthday iPod

    ;) Sorry for that,but still best wishes.