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    Location Services effecting performance? Optimize Your Settings Depending on how they are configured, a few features may decrease your iPhone battery life. For example, the frequency with which you retrieve email and the number of email accounts you auto-check can both affect...
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    Application Trouble

    Same thing here, although it varies with the application. Pandora seems to work fine everytime, but Weatherbug, AIM and Sketches, among others, seem to work, then after a while, they launch and immediately shut down. Deleting the app and re-installing works, but is not a real solution. I may...
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    no contacts in phone app, but 500+ in the contact app?

    are you trying to hijack my thread... Anyway, there is a "Groups" button at the top of the window on the left. Now, can anyone answer my question? Thanks in advance...
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    no contacts in phone app, but 500+ in the contact app?

    Searched, but couldn't find answer. I have the Contact app set up, all my contacts are there and seem to be pushed from my laptop, etc. Working fine. In the phone app, however, I have no contacts. I have favorites, voice mail, all working fine. Any idea why I would have 500+ contacts in the...
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    Used it today in my car. It was dot was at most 30 feet off of my position, and it followed me around the corners and through the streets as close to real time as I could ask for.
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    Yellow screens! Why Apple? Why?

    Panic last night reading about yellow screen...wiped and downloaded new firmware...still saw yellow on all white screen...then I sat back for a moment and really compared the issues.... Side by Side with v1 and it is more yellow, but the icons are sharper, better text, movies and photos look...
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    Cracked iPhone Screen?

    A cheat is a cheat. Must be fun looking in the mirror in the morning. Of all the companies I don't want to rip off, it's the one that makes the products I make my living with....and the phone that I enjoy every time I use it. Character is what you do when no one is looking. You should look...
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    Maps update a letdown...

    just yesterday I did a 200 mile ride up the Florida Keys and was amazed at the way the iPhone maps tracked my progress. Amazed. I had the phone in my tank bag and would hit the location button every 30 miles or so and it tracked my right up US 1 from Key West to Key Largo and back. It was far...
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    seeqpod question.......

    i searched the forums, so if this has been answered sorry. Is there a way to set up a playlist on the phone? I can listen to one song at at time using Seeqpod, but I would like to search for an artist and let it go. Thanks....
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    How is your Homescreen Arranged

    I am experimenting with 3 screens, using the middle screen as my main screen. Then I keep all my web links on page 1, which is to the left, and all the apps I don't use every day on page 3, which is to the right. That way my main apps and main page is in the "middle," with screens to the right...
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    Triangulation Problems

    I found around my town that it works better after moving around a pinpointed where I was better after it got to access different cells.
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    How do I delete songs from my iPhone?

    The safest way would be to send them to me for careful archiving, then delete from your phone.
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    Gmail iPhone and Gmail Apple Mail App

    There are several ways to handle this, such as setting up your to leave a copy of the emails on the server, but I suggest you look at Alien Camel for iPhone mail service. I have 5 email addresses, but forward all of them to Alien Camel and they are all synced on the 3 devices I use...
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    Web apps make no sense to me

    Your overall point is good, but your example is a bit lame. How much you should you pay for a tip? Let me time this: turn on phone, open calculator, enter dinner amount and multiply by .20 = tip. 8 seconds.
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    Quick question regarding my iPhone and Gmail.

    Check out Alien Camel. Sign up, forward your Gmail to Alien and it will sync automatically.