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    Battery life sucks after latest update

    Battery life cut in half since update I've tried the restore per tech support using iTunes, same battery life results. Will try the home/off button reset.....
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    $100 cingular rebate?

    Thought cingular was ATT now?
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    More 1.1.1 Good News !

    Go Away.....Scion xB is great. Looks great, feels great and is less filling
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    Post update 1.1.1 Phone overheating

    have noticed faster battery drain here also since update
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    Apple Licenses 3G...

    AT&T has 3g here in memphis!
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    Apple $100 Store Credit. Any recommendations?

    bt headset Apple mine works fine. only complaint i have is the lack of winnd suppression
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset = Bad!

    I am not the one who is sophomoric:tounge:
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset = Bad!

    Your point? I think the Apple headphone works fine....doesn't look like something some friggin Klingon might wear:2cool::2cool:
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset = Bad!

    Mine works fine I like the headset...small, lightweight, people are surprised when they find out I am on a headset. If i have any complaint its the lack of noise suppression in windy situations. Cost is a + considering what you get...dock and traveling connection As far as not fitting...
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    Good Battery ONLY if you never use iPod

    WEll I think you should sell it then we wont hear your gripes anymore....
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    Alarm Clock issue please help

    Why don't you call Apple Tech Support?
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    ****for Everyone With Low Volume***

    bytch bytch bytch..... Do you all work for MS? My phone works great....nothing else like it on the market period. Speaker could be louder , I agree, but that is something I can live with. Matter of fact I am getting use to it more and more.
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    Need iPhone owners to test our video streams

    Tried it at home with segment on Cuba. Worked fine. Load was a tad slow at first. Neat site. Bookmarked it.
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    Just downloaded iTunes 7.3.1

    >I think when they do an iTunes update you get the whole app. All of the updates in the past have been large also...:smile: