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    This accessory is not made to work with iPhone

    Don't get me wrong, I love Apple, but: This "Accessory not made" message really annoys me. Apple makes fun of Windows in one of their Apple vs. Mac commercials about how Windows security asks you permission for everything. Yeah, it's annoying at first, but at least Windows gives you the option...
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    ProClip Mounting System for iPhone is available!

    I've never owned a ProClip, but they look really nice. I assume that it's good and secure and theres no risk of it scratching or tarnishing an unskinned iPhone? Does anyone have one yet?
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    iPhone Car Dock

    Ive been looking everywhere for something like this. I've tried posting a thread about it and didn't really get any responses. Also, style is a requirement. Why do all these docks have to be ugly as all hell?
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    iPhone hooked up to the car...

    That's a very broad question. It depends what type of head unit (CD player) you have in your car. Is it stock or aftermarket? If it's stock, many of them have special aux adapters you can use in place of where a cd changer would go. The same goes for aftermarket. I recommend
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    Car Dock/Cradle, Where's iPhone buckled in your ride?

    Mac - That's an OK one. A bit more involved than I need. I personally don't really like the look of the circular cradle, but I'm in no way insulting it. It's really hard to find too, most of the sites I came across had it listed as discontinued or unavailable. Boo. Velo - Thanks for that...
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    Car Dock/Cradle, Where's iPhone buckled in your ride?

    Does anyone know of a decent (non-freaking-ugly) car cradle that will hold the iPhone? I don't think there are any out there yet designed specifically for it, but I'd do with a generic one for now. Ideally, I'd like something that: Holds it. Charges it via the bottom connector. Has audio output...
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    No Problems with my iPhone, Am I the only one?

    I'm on number 3. Number 1) Came scratched in the box. Number 2) Had a yellow tint toward the bottom corners of the screen.
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    Missing text messages, missing calls, and poor reception issues.

    Woah, this is AT&T - not Verizon. :wink: AT&T is not known for having good service. Actually, no one other than Verizon is. I agree about the randomly jumping from 4 bars to 1 bar thing. I don't know why it happens or that it makes any difference. I have not experienced the missed calls or...
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    Slight yellowing towards bottom of screen

    Well I'm sure it's an issue. I don't think Apple intentionally designed the phone to have a yellow discoloring in the bottom right corner of the screen. If I compare it to one in the Apple store and it's is the same - then that's defective too. I didn't even have to make an appointment last...
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    Slight yellowing towards bottom of screen

    You're right. I still don't think it's all iPhones, it's gotta be a defect. You didn't talk to Apple about it though? I'm surprised you didn't trade it in. I'm probably gonna.
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    Slight yellowing towards bottom of screen

    I did pee on it a little bit. Seriously though, i don't think its all iPhones. This is my second. The first one came scratched (can you believe it?) but it didn't have a yellow tinge!
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    Slight yellowing towards bottom of screen

    I have it too. Thank you for reaffirming that I'm not crazy. I first noticed it when I went into settings. It's most prominent toward the bottom right side of the screen, then it kinda goes up the whole right side. I know this thread is pretty much dead, but did you ever resolve this issue?
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    How many here dropped Verizon for the iPhone?

    My contract conveniently ended the same time the iPhone came out. Easy decision. I loved always being the one who 'had service' wherever I was (and my T-Mobil and AT&T friends didn't), but I'd rather have a sick phone. Verizon has great coverage - but that's it. 1) Their phone are all...
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    Describe your iPhone in one word.

    Fabulicious! :tounge:
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    Gmail Headache

    I went ahead and painstakingly deleted all of the 500-something emails and everything seems to be OK now. Huzah!