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    Account Balance Every time I Call/Text, HELP

    my wife is having the same problem and i can't seem to find a way to turn it off. it wears her battery down faster as well, cause it keeps popping up at random times
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    iPhone Loudness & Clarity

    I haven't had the volume on call issue - but did miss two calls while eating lunch at a busy cafe. The ringtone volume is poor and I didn't feel it vibrate. Guess I'll have to leave it on the table next time - but that will suck when it becomes a critical work situation - not tee times for...
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    This is pretty stupid - but can't get it too take mexico city - i travel there for businesss from time to time and was just trying to show it off - it doesn't recognize mexico city - really odd when cancun works just fine
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    iSkin Revo

    is it available only online or via brick and mortar outlets as well? looks cool, would like to check out in person. i bought the clear belkin case today - it's ok but nothing special.
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    Activations in West Coast

    I got through - but couldn't transfer my number! :angry:
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    Ringtone Rumor?

    Just saw this and wanted to share. I would pay the extra buck to be able to do this. Wonder if we will be able to custom ringtones based on the caller?
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    Wallstreet Journal Review

    On the ringtone front - can you still download from ATT? I understand I can't use my own music from iTunes, but if I want to purchase something...can I?
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    Standing on line necessary?

    looks like there are going to be lines now no matter what - the WSJ and NY Times articles will drive people off the fence