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    Do not upgrade to iOS 13

    I got the notification that 13 was available, but I tend to wait a little before updating due to bugs. Ho-boy, there are bugs. One reporter was quoted as calling it a “clusterfuck”. It’s bad. The DOD is even telling their people not to upgrade due to a big vulnerability. I am not going to list...
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    iPhone 7 iPhone 7/7 Plus Reviews, Thoughts & Complaints?

    So, I've had my silver 7+ long enough now, I can give an impression. Pros: in a word, speed. Not just the processor and ram bumps, but wifi and cellular speeds as well. The camera is definitely a huge upgrade, and I've taken a number of photos that have impressed my group of friends. Also, the...
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    iPhone 7 iPhone 7 preorder thread

    I got a job at Macy's Systems and Technology division here in Georgia, and with drive time and work hours, im occupied almost 12 hours a day. I'm exhausted when I get home, and usually nap a bit and then eat watch some tv or Netflix before passing out and doing it all over again. Plus a few...
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    iPhone 7 iPhone 7 preorder thread

    My iPhone should be arriving tomorrow. It's currently traveling backwards in time to get to me.
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    iPhone 7 iPhone 7 preorder thread

    Hello beautiful! Long time, huh?
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    iPhone 7 iPhone 7 preorder thread

    Tardy to the party... I ordered mid day on pre-order day. Initially it said 2-3 weeks, with expected receive date of October 9th. Was notified this morning that I should have it this Wednesday or Thursday!!! Silver 7plus, 128Gb. (256 just seemed like too much when I still have about 40gb free in...
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    So I used the wish app and bought a Samsung knock-off smart watch. It wasn't anything spectacular, just slightly more convenient than using the phone, and it some cases, slightly more inconvenient, since it required 2 BT connections, and was a big battery drain. I originally wanted a pebble, but...
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    Lightning to Aux Out - Finally

    My autopilot still works fine. I have it in my 2001 pathfinder still. But like I said, I didn't have the option for using it in the 2011 pathfinder, hence the radio upgrade. (The stock radio was crap, because I got an S series. Apparently S stands for stripped)
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    Lightning to Aux Out - Finally

    I used the Griffin AutoPilot (discontinued, but you can get really cheap on Amazon) with a short 30 pin to lightning adapter. The main portion of the unit does not use a dedicated cable for AUX, so if the need calls for it, you can use a cassette adapter, or whatever you need to pass to that has...
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    LifeProof fre iPhone 6 case now available

    I preordered when I was notified about the new Fré case. After receiving it, testing, and installing, I took it to work and found that I cannot use the HDMI or VGA adapters that I use daily for my job. (I'm a collaboration media systems specialist, and use both my iPhone and iPad for systems...
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    Apple has released iOS 8.1

    I updated my iPad Air yesterday after work, and it took 4 minutes to download. It installed quickly and it seems to have fixed my wifi and BT issues, which were numerous. I started my ip6 last night and ran the install this morning. At least it connected to the wifi right off the bat. My...
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    iOS 8.0.2 is out and won't kill your cell service

    The first time I restored, I used the backup I made right before restoring. Problem persisted. This time I used the backup of my iPhone. Problem seems to have gone away, but after googling the issues, other people have gone down this path and had the problem return. I will say, so far, so good.
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    Does anyone know what this is - some kind of setting controls?

    I have that set to activate by triple clicking the home button. That also toggles it off.
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    iOS 8.0.2 is out and won't kill your cell service

    I'm in the middle of restoring my ip6 on my ipad. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved
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    iOS 8.0.2 is out and won't kill your cell service

    I wish I hadn't updated... I am having issues with "Settings" crashing when Wifi is enabled. I can use Wifi, but I have to point to the connection I want, and once its connected, I cannot access settings until I pull up the bottom menu and turn Wifi off. There are 4 access points at work that I...