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    Ship date 7/14, now says 'prepared for shipment'

    Got mine today as well, complete with the heinous reception issue. Not a big deal for me. I've always used cases with my iPhones.
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    Ship date 7/14, now says 'prepared for shipment'

    Mine finally shipped last night. Looking at a 7/14 delivery date. Currently in China.
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    Ship date 7/14, now says 'prepared for shipment'

    Mine has said 'prepared to ship' since Friday with no change since. Not concerned it won't get here. Just wondering why all the discrepancies between orders.
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    Ship date 7/14, now says 'prepared for shipment'

    Just wondering if anyone else has this update with their iPhone 4. I pre-ordered 6/18 with expected ship date of 7/14. Late Friday evening status changed from 'not shipped' to 'prepared for shipment.' The order can't be altered at this point. I'm curious if it'll ship sooner, hopefully this...
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    3G has terrible signal

    I work in Los Angeles in the Miracle Mile/Wilshire area--an area you would think would have wall-to-wall 3G coverage (and according to the AT&T coverage map, they do--total blue as far as the eye can see.) I just got my 3G iPhone today and I have yet to get 3G. As I travel home to Van Nuys in...
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    Yahoo! Mail Problem

    How did you get it to work? I'm having the same problem.
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    Update 1.1.2 on iTunes?

    Not trying to be a sarcastic bastard, but from what I've read, 1.1.2 is nothing. Who cares when it goes live on iTunes? If you want it badly enough, simply go to the download link and install it. It's readily available for crying out loud. Otherwise, why sweat it until a substantial update...
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    Might sell iPhone due to low earpiece volume!

    1.1.1 did not fix the speaker volume, as was advertised, for many users such as myself, so getting rid of your phone because of low speakerphone/earpiece volume is completely legitimate (it is a phone first and foremost after all.) It's frustrating. To any who feel the need to change because...
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    Ringtones - Do you use them?

    Ahem... *cough*
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    Ringtones - Do you use them?

    Yeah. Great. Assuming you're addressing me since you didn't quote my post, I guess you completely missed the sarcastic, self-deprecating, and negating segment of my post that stated my music sucks too. I so "lame" to "BE" that "jealous" of such obtuseness. Cool avatar, btw.
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    Ringtones - Do you use them?

    I find that most people who use customized ringtones (rock songs for example) either of their own making or from iTunes, simply want others within earshot to know how cool they are by using a particular song for their ringer. Here's a bit of advice for those people... Your music sucks. No one...
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    bible on iPhone

    Christian here, and proud of it. I'm using a couple of the webapps to access The Bible on my iphone--have found them fairly decent.
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    Who's Tired of All the Negativity?

    I guess that's why it's called "everything iPhone" rather than "official Apple forum." Users here can discuss what they feel they need to discuss within the boundaries of the forum rules and the omnipotence (and benevolence) of the forum moderators, hopefully without too much concern about...
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    Who's Tired of All the Negativity?

    Very sly.:2cool: Anyway, I'm not tired of the "negativity." Actually, I'm a little bothered by those who aren't offended by the tactics Apple has stooped to in order to protect the image of their product. I haven't even used 3rd party apps and this 1.1.1 bricking phenomenon is absolutely...
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    No Third-party Apps on iPhone Says Jobs

    Unless people have been living under a rock for the past two weeks, I would hope everyone got it. And Steve can evangelize all he wants to (the guy's a narcissist--he's bought his own hype.) Those who choose to use 3rd party apps on their iPhone should not be penalized because he's an OCD...