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    Oakley Unobtainium case

    just look'd up otterbox saw this video total failure best ive seen is this oakley will post my result after i receive it
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    Oakley Unobtainium case

    seems like no one has it.. what do u guys think of it?
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    Oakley Unobtainium case

    Anyone have it? I am thinking of getting it. Yes it's bulky but I'm an outdoor person n the unobtainium element which is practically indestructible + I'm a fan of Oakley products.
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    NextGeniPhone: Predictions on New Hardware & Release Dates.

    damn cant wait for it im bored with my sony xperia aready... i saw all the new apps, i haven't had an iPhone since it first came out so it should be tight. that commercial tho with the fedex delivery check is tight
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    So, there's this girl I like and......

    nail and bail dude, haven't you seen the praying mantis mating vids :laugh2: you don't wanna be eaten trust me after i watch'd that shizz im never lettin that happen to me
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    Just sold my 3G buying an Android g1 today

    is that thing any good? im planning on buy that porsche design phone. looks tight cost abit more, but i like the idea of how im not running into another iPhone everywhere i go haha. 300 black in the us and 60 white so they're kinda limited whihch i was told
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    V1 iPhone 8GB for $465!

    damn, woah i dind't expect that much ahha i sold my for 180 but the screen had a few cracks.. but i would buy a good almost new condition one for no more then 300-350ish... just to avoid that sutpid 2year agreement.... weak..
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    "More bars in more places"? YEAH. RIGHT.

    forreals dude i never get signal at my house and im at my house most the time... which is pretty pathetic...
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    Just sold 1gen 8 gig for 350 and don't know how

    i think i perfer a first gen iPhone then having to upgrade another new 2years....
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    Everybody currently waiting on a line chime in where you are and what place in line

    i think you got the wrong peson hah i known him most of my high school. his name dylan
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    Everybody currently waiting on a line chime in where you are and what place in line

    thats me in the green.. i go to back to ucsd in the fall.. if your talking about the rest of them im not sure because i haven't been in touch with them for awhile that picture was taken a year and a half ago
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    Everybody currently waiting on a line chime in where you are and what place in line

    i don't know about the whole camping out thing im pretty sure they might have a lot in stock and if not ill swing by the next few days a week after wont be late for me haha.. but since ill swing by in the morning ima go pick up some free slurpee!
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    It's true--app store opens tomorrow!

    i can hardly waitt but, ill probably just swing by to see if im able to pick one up on friday i still doubt after people r already waiting in line haha
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    Instructions for activating iPhone 3G

    dude if they got to open my iPhone up and hold it with their hands that be messed up i can imagine it now, the sales rep. dropping it... and i will be like i want another iPhone... haha
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    Only 1 iPhone 3G per person?