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    YouTube not updating

    yes ive noticed they havnt added any new videos since the iPhone came out - maybee after the first iPhone update...
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    putting all your #'s on iPhone

    if you have tons of numbers, i took mine to att and they put them all on a thumb drive and then just transfered them when i got home - only 15bucks
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    Making own ringtones---How?

    goto and download the latest irc file - create a name/nickname/email etc... thank click "ok" now in the blank windows type /server when it logs in the server type /join #iPhone if u get confused message me and ill help u out :2cool:
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    Official Lexus Bluetooth and iPhone Compatibility Discussion

    i have an is350, noticed the call quality is a lot better than the razor used to cut in and out all the time
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    Free Phone Calls at Apple Store?

    haha when i worked for verizon people used to come in and do the same thing - or they'd want to drop off there phones for an hour so we could charge there batteries for them lol
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    WiFi at mcdonalds

    if i need to use wifi really quick i stop by the local Mercedes or Lexus dealership lol - free coffee and WiFi
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    Going nude?

    the phone looks much better without a case, but i do find it almost slipping out of my hand when i talk - having the leather case is bulkier but not too much but makes it talking on the phone longer more enjoyable
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    Help selling Treo!

    i posted it on craigslist and have gotten nothing but nigerian scams lol
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    are you still happy

    the novelty of owning an iPhone has worn off, but its still sexy as hell and i love when all the people with razor's stare at my phone :2cool:
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    I can't believe there is no multi-message delete

    i miss some of the features on my treo but the iPhone is so sexy! i guess we'll be deleting 1 at a time lol
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    YouTube - Edge vs WiFi

    i noticed that as well, some of the tubes sound much better on the iPhone! maybee the EQ has something to do with it?
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    Anyone go from T-mobile to Cingular for iPhone?

    you sound confused, i suggest calling t-mobile customer support via 611 as for breaking your contract you have to pay the $200 upfront and pay your final bill at the usual time of the month, your number will be transfered to ATT and your t-mobile sim is deactived, done, no ringing!
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    i take everything engadget says with a gran of salt. lol
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    do we really want to preserve are batteries?

    don't worry about the battery! buy the Apple care guarentee for $69 and u have 2 year warranty on your phone that covers accidental damage and batteries etc...
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    Do you use your password lock?

    i locked mine for the first time today, someone asked to see it and couldn't get in - haha guess its broken, they gave it back lol