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    Phone Activation Server v1.0

    Don't know about PC/MBP arrangement but I activated it using PAS on one PC, then sync'ed the iTunes library from a second (another) PC. There's no reason why the activate on PC, sync on MBP arrangement shouldn't work I guess.
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    Phone Activation Server v1.0

    I've actually spent some time investigating, and had already manually amended the host file, and patched the iTunes file. Figured that the PAS needs to be running and reluctantly plugged in my iBrick, which - presto - had become a WiFi iPod. I'm a happy camper! EDIT: Couldn't get the iPhone...
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    Phone Activation Server v1.0

    Can someone guide us through the steps please?
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    iTunes Never Asked Activation Q's Just Synced

    Did you buy it from AT&T stores or from Apple Store?