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    iTunes update server crash?

    now it works. they must be having some heavy traffic.
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    iTunes update server crash?

    Any one have an ip or hostname of the update server so I can check the firewall or see if our network has connectivity to it? I swear it's got to be down though.
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    iTunes update server crash?

    yep no changes there... everyone in the office can't access this. we don't block this. just stopped working. does it work for you? I can't even use the check for update button.
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    iTunes update server crash?

    I go to install the latest version and my iPhone is displaying a restore message indicating it needs to connect to iTunes. When I click the restore button in iTunes I get the "iPhone software update server could not be contacted." I had someone else try it and they get the same message. My phone...
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    My iPhone's Receiver DIED! Can't hear a sound!

    Wow! should have read this before I restored my phone. I thought it was something wrong with my hacked iPhone but it wasn't. doh! this trick worked great! thanks so much! thought I was going to have a useless brick.
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    question about AT&T iPhone bill? Data Usage and Emails tracked?

    Don't worry! It only shows usage like how much has been transferred. The online bill will show details but it only shows a connection session no website or other information. It basically shows the gprs radio was connected for a data session. The only thing that shows up on your bill is phone...
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    AT&T Customer Service

    Just wanted to say that in the last day I have gotten some really good customer service. I switched from pick your plan to reglar postpaid. Kept the current balance on my account and rolled it into my new postpaid. It shows up as a credit. Then today transfered an existing providers number to my...
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    From GoPhone to Monthly Plan -- possible?

    I know this is a little older post buy didn't see an responses. Here's the skinny on converting prepay to postpaid. You must go into an ATT store (for best results). You have to have your account active for more than 30 days. If it isn't a manager may have to over ride the account change...
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    Question about transferring to Pay as you go

    You can not transfer the account to ATT. However if you have an unlocked phone you could get a sim card from ATT and use your same phone once you signed up for a plan. The pick your plan with ATT has been coverage than the pay as you go. The post paid plan is by far the best and allows you to...
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    Outrageous bill from AT&T

    This is exactly why the rest of us have to pay the high monthly rates, to subsidize people like you who cheat the system because you lack the skills to research overage rates and your actual usage. Your a thief!
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    roaming question

    After talking to ATT turns out that some roaming partners can not be used when using the pick your plan. most do but there is some that do not. fyi
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    roaming question

    I have a pay as you go iPhone and just traveled out of the state into iowa. i noticed i have 4 bars so I decided to make a call. i get an error message from some iowa mobile saying outbound calls not allowed. can i not roam on a pick your plan iPhone? i noticed no edge symbol. if i switched to a...
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    i think i got jacked on the marketplace forums...

    it actually took a couple weeks. By the time it was over I was just glad to get it back. They allow the other side so long to reply and they never did. I think the system is setup so the deadbeats can come clean and refund without paypal. Doesn't seem to work well when dealing with scammers...
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    i think i got jacked on the marketplace forums...

    I had a similar incident happen on ebay. I used paypal funded by a credit card. Once you notify paypal you go into a resolution system. The only bad thing is it doesn't happen instantly you have to wait for the other "side" to respond and when they don't then paypal will resolve your claim. It...
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    Current GoPhone Pick Your Plan + iPhone = Success?

    The sim in the iPhone is the issue. It must be activated with the sim in the phone. You may be able to contact ATT to have your current gophone plan transferred to that sim and then add the data. However, you will have to go into an ATT store as iTunes is not setup for this information. there...