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    Tip: Send SMS messages via email

    Can you send photos as well?
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    Can the iPhone be used as a modem?

    I used to have a Blackberry and it had the capability of being used as a modem. I was able to connect my lap-top to my device via a usb cable. Can this be done with the iPhone?
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    Tip: Send SMS messages via email

    All of the prefixes seem to work except the AT&T one. My wife has a iPhone as well and when I tried to send a photo to her, it didn't go through. The prefix did work with my friend that has a verizon phone though. Any ideas?
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    So, how many other people have you seen with an iPhone?

    I travel a lot for my job so I'm in airports all the time. I have yet to see anyone else with the iPhone. I purposely look for it and all I see are treos and blackberrys. Is this a good thing?
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    Verizon's Answer to the iPhone

    Thanks for the feedback
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    Verizon's Answer to the iPhone

    Hello Everyone, I was directed to a link by a verizon rep. concerning their answer to the iPhone. Check it out. Link to Prada phone by LG removed. This new iPhone look alike will be out sometime in December.
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    All the iPhone mocking...

    I spoke to a At&t rep the other day and he said that the staff has been instructed by their corporate office to say negative things about the iPhone so potential consumers will purchase other AT&T phones. Remember Apple is only using the AT&T network. iPhone is not a AT&T phone.
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    ISkin owners - charging question

    Makes sense!
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    ISkin owners - charging question

    how do you manage carrying the iPhone around with no holster or belt clip?
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    I went through the samething. Don't worry about it. The iPhone is worth it