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    Official Apple iPhone 5 Launch Event

    Has it got a micro or nano sim? Also when is it release in Ireland?
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    replacement rear panel

    Thanks everyone. Unfortunately theres not an Apple store in Ireland as yet (bit smaller than China) so there's no popping to the store unfortunately. I think I will go with Ifixit as that's the second recommendation I've had for them. Thanks
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    replacement rear panel

    Hi all I dropped my iPhone 4 and smashed the rear panel (2 foot drop):mad:. I was looking to see if anyone could recommend a desent replacement. My phones out of warranty and not insured (i knew the risks). I look at ifixit but they seem really pricey...but maybe they're are worth it for the...
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    iOS 5 beta 6 now available

    Mine installed with less than 50% as long as its connected to a power outlet.
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    iOS 5 Beta 5 now available

    Upgraded my idevces no proplems. Any one know where in the settings do i active the speech to text feature on the keyboard. I hear it's not working but would like to find out how to toggle it on off?
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    iOS 5 Discussion Thread

    Have you a dev account? The software and installation guide for Apple TV ios5 are on the dev site. The instructions are copyright so I wont post them here but you need to connect your Apple tv to iTunes with a USB to micro USB cable to complete the beta upgrade. After that its very much like...
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    iOS 5 Discussion Thread

    Anyone loaded it yet? Is it glitchy? I'm downloading it now........
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    Would you recommend an iPad to me?

    I was really sceptical about buying the iPad. I laughed when it was announced......6 months on it my most used device. I was wrong! It's just a great device.
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    iPad iOS beta 4.2 expired

    Hi All woke up this morning and my ipad screen had the connect to iTunes screen. I'm running the 4.2 beta 2 and when I connected to iTunes it said the software had expired. I'm downloading beta 3 now but I'm frightened i'm going to wipe my iPad with the new beta. Will the new beta allow me to...
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    iPad supply

    Well thank you!:dft009:happy
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    iPad supply

    Oh dear I'm just hoping that I get in quick for the official release, hopefully I will be lucky. Thanks all for info!
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    Anyone using DVDFab to convert?

    Hi here's a link to an article which explains it better than I can
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    Hi! Just bought an iPad!

    Congrates on the new iPad. Unfortunately they are not even out here in Ireland yet until July (no date). I'm trying to pick up all the tips I can on the forum before I get mine!
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    Anyone using DVDFab to convert?

    Have you tried handbrake?
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    iPad supply

    Looks like things are a bit hit and miss and it might be a bit luck if the draw. Thought the Apple online store would at least give you realistic deliver times, don't think I'd order if it said 4 weeks! I'll have to see how it goes but I supposed the high demand indicates that it isn't just a...