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    One click windows jailbreak.....

    i was wwondering if there is a one click windows jailbreak for 1.1.1?
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    Summerboard Themes, dragndrop

    i don't have any sources on my installer how do i put them on?
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    Slider Messages

    Hey instead of " I solemnly swear that i'm up to no good" can u make it i'm up to no good"?
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    Slider Messages

    yes i think u did something wrong because the link doesn't exist and i don't know how to post it..
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    Slider Messages

    Can someone just make me one that says: "I Solemnly Swear that I am Up to no Good" - for the unlock and "Mischief Managed" - for powering off.
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    Any Free Websites we can use to send free text messages?

    This site lets you send unlimited messeges. Ive found it very useful. Its
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Amazing love the dock any chance u can post the files?
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    Ive seen every kind of mod except.....

    lol yes laugh it up im a loser so....
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    Ive seen every kind of mod except.....

    I was wondering if anyone is willing to make a full Harry Potter Series theme.. ive been trying to make one for a month but i just haven't had time with school and work.. And now the Harry potter fan club meeting is in two days and im royally screwed.. if anyone can do it i would like Icons...
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    Summerboard v1.5 the best yet?

    This update is the best... Very smooth. If u find any bugs let me know...
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    How do you manage icons?

    Thanks i did that but when i open the files its giving me a bunch of gibberish like i don't have a codec or somethin
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    How do you manage icons?

    Im sorry but i have no idea how to do all that can u please tell me step by step? Thanks in advance..
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    Worked before the Update but not anymore!

    Ok i modded my iPhone a day before the update and then the update makes me restore my phone.. now i deleted my iPhonedmg folder and started from scratch did all the 10 steps except i subsituted the old software with the new one... i run jailbreak and its been stuck at Sending more files.... and...
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    Manzana Help!

    yes it is....
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    Manzana Help!

    This keeps popping up everytime i try to open Manzana...