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    85% off clothing sale! with additional 20% code.. my favorite clothing site 85% off a ton of clothing.. plus additional 20% off with code AR10624 used at check out.. use code KILN at check out for free shipping as well.. im posting this also at another great website for resources on complete steals on the internet .. later my fellow...
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    Used TV's

    Was wondering what was a cheap way to buy a hdtv for around 300 used.. in college and thats all i can scrounge.. i look up craigslist everyday but that doesn't cut it any advice from anyone?
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    MacBook alternative display

    so i have my macbook connected too a nec monitor... i was wonder how do i set it up so i can close my laptop and still keep the computer rolling or going into hybrinate and just use the NEC monitor as my main and only monitor when im at my desk! thanks so much
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    ( For FREE )iPhone Free Software Unlock Confirmed!

    agree'd although whats the risk in messing around and trying to figure it out if its a completely restorable method?
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    ( For FREE )iPhone Free Software Unlock Confirmed!

    where do i download the stuff for mac?
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    Step by Step Ringtone Hack for 7.4.1 and 7.4.1 (2)

    i got it all the way to import to iTunes library but it never moved into the ringtones tab!
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    Steve Jobs Open Letter: Issues $100 "Store Credit" for Early Adopters steve jobs letter to everybody on
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    Returning iPhone question

    Lets face it, Apple is usually very good to us.. in reflection of earliers announcements i felt screwed.. ive had my iPhone 4g since the night of release.. is it possible to return the phone and then in turn just buy the 8 gig for 399.. i spent 530 something that night.. if this worked out...
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    rob and big what brand tshirt is rob wearing?
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    Ringer Issue

    thanks you sir.. it indeed was the mute switch.. the nearest mac store is a hour and a half away from Santa Barbara .. i guess i need to go down there anyways.. my macbook battery needs to be looked at..
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    Ringer Issue

    For awhile now my ringer hasn't been going off, i turned on my ringer volume to max.. and vibrate is off.. in sound the volume is too max.. still nothing.. any ideas what stupid little mistake im doing! THANKS..
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    What exactly does the iPhone do that is so "revolutionary"

    then you proved your issue with the iPhone wrong, the iPhone is revolutionary, just like a 145 lb phone would be too.. lock thread here.
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    What exactly does the iPhone do that is so "revolutionary"

    rev·o·lu·tion·ar·y -radically new or innovative; outside or beyond established procedure, principles, etc.: a revolutionary discovery. i believe you don't realize the scale of the word revolutionary, just the fact it has a browser / phone / and an ipod makes it innovative. ok call the...
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    What exactly does the iPhone do that is so "revolutionary"

    i will tell you right now, the iPhone is a "white canvas" phone.. in any second the phone can be changed. It is a computer running software.. yes yes yes revolutionary? i don't know, but being revolutionary doesn't have to be world changing... the fact that its an ipod / phone / etc all in...
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    Ari Got the iPhone

    im a huge entourage nut.. and i know this.. they have a contract with Apple.. now im sure they have a contract with a cell company seeing that each episode features tons of phone calls.. but i will tell you this.. eric has had his iPhone for like 3 episodes .. take your tivo out.. pause it...