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    Lock Widgets - Free Alternative to IntelliScreen [Updated, 2/6]

    Any word on the problem with the hold call and 3-way button? I should note that I am not using your exact widget. I am using the one Zetetic posted on macthemes2 a while back that posts weather on your home screen. I believe it uses the same type principles as yours to function though...
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    Problems With Clock App/Date & Time After 2.1

    So I updated to 2.1. Had no problems until my clock app stopped working. It starts to open, hangs, then quits to home screen. The same thing happens when I try and access the date & time settings from the settings menu. I already did the usual reboot, reset, restore. Any thoughts?
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    New 2.0 contacts button/app

    The thing is, the Contacts app has been there for a while, at least in 1.1.4 (maybe before that). However, we just couldn't see it, without the use of JB apps like poof. I think this was a way for Apple to point to a new "feature" that really isn't new at all. More like, we decided not to...
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    iPhone 3G case cracks (white)

    I know the color seem irrelevant to most, but what if Apple used a different batch of their plastic for the white ones? It is entirely possible that whatever vat of goo was used to pour the white backings contained an inferior mix. That would explain why no cracks are occurring on the black...
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    light coming through

    Good luck with getting that fixed! It will be worth it in the end, though. That lint you saw under the screen on the refurb, most likely came from the gap. I have read from others here and over at macrumors that the light gaps let pocket lint in under the screen. :gasp: No good....
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    How long did you wait in line for iPhone 3G?

    I waited just around 5 hours. I got to the Apple store at 4:45am on July 11th (iDay) and walked out with my iPhone arround 9:45. All in all, great day.
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    Pandora rebooting iPhone

    i have been using Pandora heavily all day. I have had to reboot my phone 4 times to get Pandora to un-freeze itself. Even with this though, I LOVE this app. Hands down, one of the best.
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    T-Zones hack for 1.1.4 Help!

    i was trying to make it work for a friend who bought my v1. She even called t-mobile, who was really helpful, but in the end, they told her she needed to buy the $19.99 total internet plan. So she just canceled it and said she will be happy with wifi. note to self: do not sell stuff to...
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    T-Zones hack for 1.1.4 Help!

    Ok, I did some searching about how to get t-zones to work on 1.1.4. I downloaded big bosses t-zones hack from installer, had it working great, but then it all stopped. I did a full restore back to my custom pwned firmware, re-installed all of the hacks, and now I got nothing. Any idea how or...
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    Is your iPhone naked?

    I am keeping my 3g naked for life! I used a screen protector and case on my v1 from the second it came out of the box. My friend never used anythign on his v1, and his phone was in better shape than mine was with all the protection. Plus, it looks so much better without all the extra crap.
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    Silent mode / CAP LOCKS

    To turn on the caps lock, navigate to settings/general/keyboard and turn on caps locks. Once that is on, you just double tap shift and the button wil turn blue, indicating caps lock is on.
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    v1: Going with t-mobile, First steps?

    well, you are going to have to sign a new 2-year agreement with T-mobile. If you are ok with that, you need to go to the T-Mo store and get a new phone. You can probably get one for free, a cheepie one to use as a back up. Sign up for whatever voice plan you want, and then make sure to get...
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    My mail and wireless are working differently?

    Try setting the iPhone to autocheck, rather than manual. It will be under settings, fetch new data. As far as wifi turning on 10 seconds or so after awake, it is normal. The wifi antenna turns off by default when iPhone is sleeping to help conserve battery power. No worries and enjoy your...
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    Has anyone had luck with iTunes activation yet?

    I have activated successfuly my new 3g and my fiances 2.0 upgraded v1. However, neither phones will sync. Any thoughts?
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    iTunes store activation is working

    I couldn't have said it better....