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    Bartender Application?

    Yes thank you chcorey.... I am not looking for WEBAPPS.... I was curious if anyone was working any REAL applications for the application store in the june update.
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    Bartender Application?

    bump bump bump bump
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    Is it sad?

    I am really excited about the iPhone update on June 9th. I really can't wait until the application store comes out.... Well the problem is, I am going on a cruise on June 9th! Rofl I know that sounds really sad, but I am really bummed that I won't be able to get the update for a week :( I'm a...
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    Bartender Application?

    It doesn't work, and if I'm right. Its a webapp, which mean you have to use the internet connection. In which I was saying just simply isn't fast enough for a bar.
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    Bartender Application?

    Hey guys, I haven't posted here in awhile. I was wondering, does anyone know if anyone is working on a bartender recipe directory application for the iPhone application store? I'm sure it would be really easy to make for a programmar. I know there are a few web based bartender applications, but...
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    What iPhone Feature Do You Use Most?

    asdf I like
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    lol "I heard the batteries suck with those!" "How much did you pay for that?" "I can't wait until you break it!" "Did you break it yet?" "Does the screen smudge easily?" "How do I turn it on?"
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    myspace trouble

    From Tom Himself i wanted everyone to know about the linkin park, my chemical romance, taking back sunday / projekt revolution concert that's showing live right now myspace: check it out here safari/mac users were having trouble logging in over the last few days. reset your...
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    UGH! Lost all my Contacts with update :(

    asdf *bump* anyone?
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    hmmm So far, Ive seen one visual change. While viewing an email. If you look to the top right of the screen, you will see an up and down arrow, so you can see each email without going to the previous screen. I think its new atleast? I don't remember that being there.
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    UGH! Lost all my Contacts with update :(

    I had to restore my iPhone, because of course I modded my phone... And now I lost all my contacts and all the other stuff that you freakin need... And no I don't have an address book that I keep on my computer, I know I'm stupid... Anyone know why it didn't use the back up like it did the last...
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    GMail Downloading Hundreds of Archived Mail

    hmm i have Gmail as well... just let it load up all your email... (I have 6254 emails in my inbox.) And just click on every email recived on your first page of emails ON your iPhone. And just don't delete them. Just make the whole first page "read" it takes a little while. that way you wont see...
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    Wives/Girlfriends. . .

    Lol yeah Lol yeah, my girlfriend gets pissed. If we are sitting on the couch watching TV and the show doesn't really interest me, I just pull out my iPhone. She says I'm obsessed with my iPhone, I just see it as getting my money's worth. The other day, she wanted to go to a certain restaurant...
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    What is the average age of people that have an iPhone?

    hmm I'm 18. I live on my own with a roommate. I bought an 8gb iPhone. Paying the bill for it as well. Also paying for rent and car insurance, luckily my car is paid for, its a 2001. I do work my ass off, and I LOVE my iPhone.
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    Explain to me SSH install please

    Hmm Any idea why its not letting me type in the password? I type in root. that goes through, then when i "attempt" to type dottie it doesn't let me type in in...? any ideas?