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    Stay awake on external power

    Just go to settings and set Auto-Lock to never. As long as it is charging it will stay awake
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    Thank God for iPhone or else.....

    Well, I was finally able to reload Leopard (for the 3rd time). The Domain file was not there so I had to rebuild the entire website. Since I have the 24" iMac I was able to put the site one one side of the screen and the iWeb next to it so I could build it to look the exact same. Was pretty...
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    Thank God for iPhone or else.....

    Okay, I was finally able to reload Leopard. I did an erase and install on it. I then put iLife '08 back on. Here's my problem though (somebody please help me here)...... I have an iWeb page that I need to restore. I had been using Time Machine before my mac took a dump, but I can't find...
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    Thank God for iPhone or else.....

    I would have no computer. I saved up for a long time to be able to buy a new 24" iMac a few weeks ago. I it ran great! The I got leopard in the mail be upgraded the OS. Then I got a new 500gig hard drive to use with time machine. NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS NOW. As of Tory I can not even load...
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    Top speaker not working. (Main Speaker)

    Same thing happened to me. I took it back to Apple and they gave me a new one (now my 5th iPhone)
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    New Mac owner (thanks everyone) with questions

    This is completely off topic but I can't seem to find a few things I am searching for. One is a good personal finance program like Quicken Deluxe for windows. I have been using quicken on a PC forever and can't seem to find a good version for mac. The screenshots I see from quickens website...
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    MacBook If I buy MacBook now, will Apple upgrade to Leopard within 30 days free?

    I just purchased a new 24" iMac 3 days ago. It is my first mac and I am a bit lost on how to do a lot of very simple tasks. I will learn it over time though I am sure. I just wish I waited until the 26th so I could get Leopard. I will have had this computer for less than 2 weeks when Leopard...
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    Web apps make no sense to me

    iPhone friendly site? What I don't understand is why the hell does Apple NOT have an iPhone friendly version of their site?!? I would think that the makers of the iPhone would want to show off not only how "cool" the scrolling with your finger can be, but how nicely a site can be navigated...
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    Auto-Correct no longer works

    Nope, I never added apps to my phone. Also, I have Restored the phone 3 times trying to get this to work.... It still does not. I am getting so pissed at this thing right now! My wifi decided it no longer wants to work either. It has a check mark in the box for my network, but never...
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    Auto-Correct no longer works

    I have no idea what happened. My auto-correct stopped working completly. Even when i go back to the home screen ad back to safari, its just gone. It doesn't work in any application. I even restored it and still, no auto-correct. Any ideas?
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    Getting songs from iPhone to empty iTunes library

    Thank you, I will check it out. Sucks that it isn't as easy as drag & drop :)
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    Getting songs from iPhone to empty iTunes library

    I had to format my HD and somehow forgot to save my songs. Lost them all. Now I am trying to figure out how to get them from my iPhone back on to my computer. I am sure this has been asked several times before, but perhaps I am using the wrong search terms. Help anyone?
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    Vista wants to stay

    Would love to format it, but I can't. It won't let me. There is no option to format when I restart with the disc in like other versions of windows. I need to format because it has become so damn buggy and unstable.
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    Vista wants to stay

    Off topic, but i really need help from someone who really knows computers. I upgraded from XP to Vista and now need to format my hard drive (several months later) so I can do a fresh install of both. The problem is vista doesn't seem to have an uninstall option. I need this done as soon as...
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    iPhone Hackers Prosecuted

    The first link posted in this thread crashes my safari on my iPhone everytime. Odd.