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    Pushed up upgrade

    I just called and AT&T told me no. They are not doing that thîs time. :/
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    Status bar icons

    I use both bite and lockinfo and not have had one single issue.
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    Status bar icons

    Your welcome.
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    Status bar icons

    I'm pretty sure lockinfo added this with the update. If you go into lockinfo settings and go to each plugin like mail,SMS,ect. You should see an option for status bar notification. I have it with mine after the update.
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    Any iPhone 4 in stock in Jacksonville, FL?

    yes they only had a few i think
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    Any iPhone 4 in stock in Jacksonville, FL?

    I live in jacksonvile fl. I picked it up at AT&T in middleburg
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    YouTube not working very good

    e4life is correct. I went through this same issue. It was very frustrating. I almost retuned my iPhone 4 lol . I downloaded the speed test app to see what my speeds were. My 3G network was getting 2200ish. My wifi was getting 400ish! I switched my router to b-g only. Now it's smokin fast! Up...
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    I need an app that changes my wallpaper throughtout the day

    Boss paper is an app in Cydia. Download that. There is also many boss paper packs you can download also.
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    I need an app that changes my wallpaper throughtout the day

    I would recommend boss paper. Many options. Mine changes every 5secs lol
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    ((OS 4.0)) Pandora, Navigon, AOL radio does not stream in the background.....

    You have to wait for the devolopers to update the apps with the API. It does not work like the jailbreak way. I'm sure the apps will be updated really fast for 4.0.
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    Lockscreen status bar . . .

    If your using a theme. Ssh into your theme. Then go to bundles > you should see the file called FSO_Lockicon.png. If your not using a theme and want to change it without winterboard post up and I'll tell you how. :)
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    Jailbroken iPhone 3GS Question

    Do you have sbsettings? If you do I would recommend you turn off any or all mobile substrate add ons. That will try to cut down your guessing on what the issue is. If that don't seems to fix it I'm all out of ideas for now.
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    Random calls

    Interesting. Glad you got that straight. That would of drove me nuts. Lol
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    Random calls

    The sim is also in common. I would get a new sim and talk to your provider. I can't see it being anything on your pc at all.