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    From the Front Lines

    The Apple Store employees just came around and they said that at 4:45 they would be coming around with a ticket for you to confirm how many iPads you want (limit: 2). They said while they can't guarantee a specific model/color, if you have a ticket they can at least guarantee you'll get one.
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    iPad 2 Line Photo Share

    I would get there earlier! The line has about 30-40 people long right now but it's been growing pretty quickly.
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    In Stock... Next Weekend?

    While I think they will obviously be constricted, I wouldn't be surprised if those estimates went down a little once the initial madness is over. They have a lot of their stock being pushed to their retail stores but in the past when estimates go off the chart like that, they tend to be reduced...
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    From the Front Lines

    Got to my local Apple Store at around 11AM. I had called ahead and the person I talked to said there were "about 50" people in line and that if I was going to come, it should be sooner than later. I rushed down here and when I did, there were only about 12 people in line. Right now, there's...
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    What time will people start lining up for iPad?

    I'm trying to get a vibe for what time people are going to be lining up at Apple Stores for the iPad 2 tomorrow. I called Apple, which "surprisingly" had no information about stock numbers but did say they "expect people to be lining up all day". I'm a big fanboy, but I also don't really want to...
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    Annoying Pop Up "Password Incorrect: Enter voicemail password"

    I had a similar issue. I ended up calling 611 and resetting my password. Once I put in the temporary one and changed it via the settings page, I haven't had trouble since.
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    Post your iPhone 4 cases

    Nice case! Didn't know Belkin has cases out already.
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    Waiting for activation...

    Did you turn off the phone you're replacing? That did it for me yesterday.
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    I just stopped by the mall to get a bumper case....

    It might be different for different areas, but at the Apple Store I went to, there was a line of hundreds of people outside and apparently they said they had a phone for each of them and "most of them should luck out with the bumper too". Looked like they had a pretty huge stock of them.
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    I just stopped by the mall to get a bumper case....

    I was at the local mall earlier today. Had to wait about an hour to get into the Apple Store. They had a "non-iphone" line and they took in one person for every five iPhone people. I got the bumper case, and I'm happy with it. It makes the phone feel a little less fragile and I like that when I...
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    Are people getting these reception issues?

    Got the bumper case today. Have had no trouble since. Cupping, holding, smothering - nothing causes the bars to drop.
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    Yep. Just plug in your phone, agree to the terms, put in your billing zip code and SSN and you're done. It'll tell you it may take some time, but doesn't prevent you from syncing it or anything like that.
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    I remember back when they released the first iPhone and their policy was the guy had to set it up and activate it for you in the store - I was in the store for three hours, then they let us leave and then it took another six at home. Second iPhone - same deal. Third iPhone - slightly...
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    Best Buy rolling out cases

    Hmm, looks like I gotta hit up the local Best Buy tomorrow and pick up something.
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    any places selling cases early?

    Do you think it'll be possible to even get into the Apple Store tomorrow to buy a bumper case or will it be too much of a zoo? I ordered a case from Apple, but it still hasn't shipped yet and that makes me uncomfortable to be carrying this around for a few days with nothing.