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    How to get out of your 2yr phone contract.

    I think I'm the only one happy they chose cingular, because I already have it! LOL I'm buying it for the lulz
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    Battery only 5 hours?

    On the it says in the tech specs that it only has 5 hours of talk/browse time? Does that mean it will only stay on for 5hours at a time? It did say it had 16 hours of music listening though. I'm just hoping it can make it through a day...
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    Buy iTunes from your iPhone?

    Since it connects to the internet and has wifi, do you think you will be able to buy songs over your iPhone directly from iTunes?
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    Speed Connecting to Internet

    Depending on cingular, the page he brought up may have just been a demo. He may have had it set up just for the speech, and as a result of it just being a demo, it came up slow. I say this because a big reason we are waiting on the iPhone now is the os and cingular, they are working out the bugs...
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    Vibrating alert?

    Yes, it will have this feature. On another spec site, it has the vibrate feature listed.
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    Will you be getting an iPhone?

    I am getting the 8gb on the first day! Can't nobody stop me!
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    Free 1 1/2 yr iPhone Plan?

    I kind of doubt that too, they wouldn't be making much money. It's pointless because people are going to buy the Apple iPhone regardless of having to switch because it's such a hot item. It'd be like paying people to take something they want anyways.
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    If not iPhone then what

    The iPhone is the only one I'm excited about right now. The black jack is more for businesss, it's an ok phone with an ok camera though. I guess you should weigh what features you want in a phone, music, camera, internet, texting etc. and see which phones come up best in reviews.
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    iPhone hidden details - interesting find!

    I think it kinda sucks you can't use full length mp3 files you buy from iTunes as ringtones. You will have to buy different ones specifically from the ringtones store as far as I know... :(
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    Prada Phone?

    How do you feel about the Prada Phone? Did Apple copycat? Let's discuss... My feelings: The prada phone may have made it to market first, but the iPhone as far as I'm concerned has many more features, like the accelerator (screen sensor, you can turn it sideways to view pics), music (it's a...
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    iPhone Organizer apps

    you may be able to download one. Apple has said they made it interactive and touchscreen for a reason, so that it could be easily updated in the future. A big market they are trying to reach with the phone is businesss owners and the like, so I'm sure there may be something on there.
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    Can I get an iPhone without paying for Internet?

    I'm not sure if you'll be able to do that. As much as I love Apple, they know how to make their money and probably already anticipated that. You may have to pay no matter what to get the internet package. I kind of had the same prob with my sidekick. I had to get the data package no matter what...
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    I really like tmobile, but

    That's a neat site, which I'm sure will come in handy when the Apple iPhone hits. Thanks god I stuck with cingular for so long. BUt they should not charge you that much to break the lease, although I would do it soon, the companies could raise fees like that when they realize people will be...
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    Syncing with Outlook?

    Yeah my phone gets my email forwarded to it from my outlook and appears unread in both. I'm sure the iPhone can do something similar.
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    Walk In?

    I haven't heard of any commercials or stores releasing that info yet...I heard they could release the phone earlier in april or may if the phone gets sync-ed with cingular fast enough. But yeah I could def see tech heads waiting in line like they did for the PS3 and the nintendo Wii. I'm...