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    Show us your Apple Watch

    38mm Apple Watch with black sport band. Milanese loop ordered, too. I can't decide on which watch face to use but am finding the ones with the little extra icons pretty helpful. I've been using the Modular face mostly with the Activity, weather, sunrise, battery, date and time. I change the...
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    Pre-order Pajama Party

    Got through using, ordered: iPhone 6 Plus, silver, 128GB at 2:09 CST iPhone 6, slate, 64GB at 2:20 CST Got an email confirmation for the second order placed. See both on my credit card pending charges. Both showed delivery as 9/19 on order confirmation pages. _______ Tried Apple Store...
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    The NFL thread

    No way! Gotta watch over my fantasy players.
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    Still no iPhone 5

    I feel for you, too. Hope it gets resolved tomorrow. Apple's top notch customer service will likely do what they can to make it right.
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    Passbook? All it says is "Apple Store" nothing else?

    I was able to add Walgreens and Sephora. I downloaded their apps and logged in. The Walgreens app had an option to Add to Passbook which made it super easy. I have loyalty cards with both so my Passbook basically shows the barcode for those cards now. Haven't found how to do it with Starbucks...
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    Lockscreen screenshots

    Here are a few I tend to use the most on my lock screen:
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    Show me your iPhone 5 homescreen

    Here's mine. I change mine about once every couple of weeks.
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    LTE speed tests - here's mine

    LTE just launched in my city this week. Not too bad, right?
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    Official iPhone 5 Shipped & Tracking Thread

    Mine got here about 15 minutes ago and I'm restoring from iCloud backup. The UPS app was telling me expected delivery between 12:15-4:15 but the UPS website said by 10:30. Looks like in my case the website was right.
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    Official iPhone 5 Shipped & Tracking Thread

    Me, too. Seems others are seeing that Arrived in Louisville update though they were likely on the same flight as ours. Move it along already!
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    Official iPhone 5 Shipped & Tracking Thread

    Our phones are together I'm sure in a container sitting somewhere in Louisville waiting in a very long line to be scanned. I have the same status and it's driving me nuts. I could only hope that by ordering in the first 10 minutes that I would be rewarded with expedient tracking information but...
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    To-Do List - Before iPhone 5 Arrival

    All great suggestions. Thank you!
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    To-Do List - Before iPhone 5 Arrival

    Thinking through moving from my 4S to the 5... what should I be taking care of now to make the process even faster/smoother? I've purged some of the apps that I don't use. I made sure everything backed up to iCloud completely and will again on Friday morning. What else?
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    Official iPhone 5 Shipped & Tracking Thread

    For those who want to track the UPS flights coming in for Friday delivery, here's the live flight info for mine: Hong Kong to Anchorage: Anchorage to Louisville...
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    Official iPhone 5 Shipped & Tracking Thread

    Ordered on Apple website around 2:10 a.m. Central Time 9/14: From UPS, tracked by reference: Scheduled Delivery: Friday, 09/21/2012 Last Location: Departed - Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong, Monday, 09/17/2012 Additional Information Product: WORLD EASE Shipped/Billed On: 09/16/2012 Type: Package...