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    Win the Verizon iPhone from everythingiCafe

    I'd like a Verizon iPhone because I get only edge signal with my iPhone at the house. So I'm planning to switch to Verizon but will already be slammed with the $325 termination fee. This prize will not put too much a dent on my wallet, working 2 jobs already to support my lil one is hard, never...
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    Will the iPhone 5 have a 4"+ screen?

    I'm happy with this size.. Keep it thin and small please.. No bulky n big like the evo/droid/x etc .. It be cool if the iPhone 5 can get close to the iPod touch 4gen size
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    Super Bowl XLV

    Want LT to get that ring.. Believe huge upset in Foxboro
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    iOS 4.3 Beta Discussion

    RIP=iPhone 3G loved it
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    Thinking about getting a HTC phone

    Haha comical.. Zoo life coming soon ride that rodeo boy
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    Thinking about getting a HTC phone

    quick replies I like.
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    iPhone 4 or Android

    Keep the iPhone 4 and buy Nexus S with ATT.. You will probably regret going to TMO.. Another thing is Android phones are everywhere now and that sucks.. I mean they got CRICKET phones now..
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    Thinking about getting a HTC phone

    Can't break my heart
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    Michael Vick is Officially unstoppable!

    Next season, Romo starts but Kitna will still be a Cowgirl with a rai$e
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    Thinking about getting a HTC phone

    We need a 1 on 1 Nap... So disappointed.. Why I got banned for speaking the truth.. To a person who went to the desire and now back... I laugh, must be that time is so precious.
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    Thinking about getting a HTC phone

    Me so sorry . no no
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    Apple replaced my cracked glass!

    Alright.... So nice of Apple
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    Block callers/texters

    I suck it up and pay $36 to change my # when needed.
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    Thinking about getting a HTC phone

    Boohoooo keyboard and a different Android phone every 2 months. Who cares
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    Verizon iPhone

    That is horrible Nap, I hate Verizon the most and the annoying guy with the glasses "can you hear me now"