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  • You can get PS3's relatively cheap now. I've got the very first gen PS3, which comes with the 4x USB 5x memory card reader and plays each type of playstation game- the new one's don't. The first-gen suffers from overheating, I've never had any problems. Blockbuster have an offer on, if you go in and trade the older PS3 and £50 they will take the old PS3 and give you the new slimline one. It's a good deal, I was thinking about doing it.

    Try and look in a blockbuster and see if there are any cheap one's.
    This is a little weird, I'm actually about to head into stockport to buy a Wii from Game, I've got like £60 in accumulated points on my card and about £50 worth of vouchers. I'm going to get the black special edition one. I have a PS3 sorry, I prefer the controller.

    I've never been a fan of the xbox :(
    Heyy Heyy don't hate on the video lol! Seriously you have no idea how many ppl I have tried to help jailbreak their phone via; internet... and how much easier it is to just post a few links/videos haha. I haven't got lazy.. It's just too easy to have to type so much about it hahahah.
    Awesome :) I have always used EIC for help with things, or references etc* but I never made an account lol. I am glad I did, everyone here is great. && Plus I get to rant at the Iphone haters (lol) thats always a plus.
    Issue starts on Page 8

    Read down btw, i posted it in descending order on your wall.

    This is what happened. All was doing alright in that thread, until computerfox posted a youtube video in which goes into detail about drivers that don't do things correctly. The instructor in the video has a turban/headcovering on and appears to be middle eastern. The ******* Honda decided to chime in and say "I wondered when the driving instructor was gonna set off the car bomb."

    I was amazed at how immensely racist the comment was and reported the post then I reply to his comment.
    Your comment shows how ignorant, small minded, and afraid you are. What you said was the most stupid and racial profiling thing you could say. Just because he has on a turban or headcovering and is Arab/indian/middle eastern does not mean he automatically is a terrorist suicide bomber. That stupid comment was VERY offensive regardless of intent. Thanks for furthering not one but two stereotypes: One, not all middle eastern people are Suicide bombers. Two, ignorant americans who don't know better but what the media hypes up.

    Learn this and learn it well... ANYONE regardless of region, religion, belief, ideologies and looks can be a terrorist with a bomb."

    He replies twice Saying "Like i care what you think" and "It's sissy, bleeding-heart liberals like you that will be the downfall of our country, the greatest on the planet. You've finally made it on my ignore list." to what i said before the thread was locked and closed.
    If i had managed to reply i would have said something along the lines of "One does NOT need to be a liberal to clearly understand that not every middle eastern person has a bomb, or an agenda, or is a terrorist. Your whole idea/outlook on them and the millions of ignorant Americans that share your ignorance will bring their own downfall to the USA not "liberals" like me....and America is NOT the greatest on the planet. IF they were they wouldn't still be over in the middle east stealing oil thats not theirs as the media claims Terrorist threats are still high. Anyone can be a terrorist it just depends on your views of the entire scope of things. Look i dunno what your idea of a middle eastern is, but many of them can buy your family over and over and over again. They are not all poor suffering people."
    Honda is an ignorant American that knows no better. Have pity for him, its not his fault he only knows the BS and lies that the media spreads. There is alot more to it than just War, and Middle Eastern people.
    Oi, im not posting in that thread anymore. Clearly the guy is a complete nutter. reggae dude or w/e.
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