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    3GS JB is here finally

    Just did the JB with Purplera1n and it worked flawlessly. Took a total of 3-5 minutes to complete. :foot:
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    I just bought the 3G-S a few days ago and I'm anxious to jailbreak it. When do you forum readers think the Dev. team will have the jailbreak ready for the 3G-S? Thanks.
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    Sirius app and Howard Stern

    Nevermind, I found the answer. that sucks...
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    Sirius app and Howard Stern

    Are we not able to get the Howard stern channel on the App? I cannot find it...
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    New iPhone 3GS, no MMS

    What? Are you serious? Whats going on in these other posts where people have it working.
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    New iPhone 3GS, no MMS

    I just got my new iPhone 3gs, but have no MMS capability. My carrier says ATT 4.0 if that matters. What do I need to do to enable it? I am paying for it and it is on my plan..Thanks
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    iPhone Software 3.0 Official Discussion Thread

    Hello, Would any developers care to add me so that I could download 3.0 I would really appreciate your help, thanks.
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    Jailbreaking 2.1

    are you talking about 2.1 or the new crack?
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    Jailbreaking 2.1

    If I update my 2.0.1 pwned 3g iPhone to the new Apple 2.1 firmware, will I be able to re-jailbreak right after the update with pwnage2.0.1 or will I have to wait for a new 2.1 pwnage tool to come out? Thanks
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    Please give your opinion on the iPhone 3G

    I have a first generation iPhone, and love it. I would however like to have 3g access to the net and GPS would be a plus. Are you really happy with the 3g or do you wish you had stayed with the 1st generation? I've heard of reception problems, how is yours? Thanks in advance..
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    upgrading Pwnage 2.0.1 to 2.0.2

    How do I do this? Do I have to download the new pwnage version 2.0.2 and re-jailbreak my phone, or is there an easy upgrade option? I really don't want to go through re-jailbreaking and re-adding all apps and themes again and packages again. Will I have to do this? Thank you..
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    Cydia via Pwnage ?

    I have a question about a jailbroken phone. I have a 2g iPhone jailbroken with pwnage 2.0.1. I have installed multipe apps, themes, etc. through Cydia. If I had a problem and had to restore my phone would I have to jailbreak again and re-install all of my apps? Or would the jailbroken version...
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    Jailbreak ? about Cydia and installer

    anyone? I appreciate your help.
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    Jailbreak ? about Cydia and installer

    I'm new to jailbreaking, and I'm using pwnage 2.0.2. Where do I enter sources for downloads, in Cydia or Installer? Both have a place to enter them, but which is the most common place I should do it? What is the difference in the two? Most of the time I try both and it says site...
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    Jailbreak ?

    I have network coverage now, and I'm in the process of syncing now. Before When I had no network coverage I downloaded NES and intelliscreen, and neither worked. Do you think this will fix that