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    Webclip Creating Sites

    If you bank at Wells Fargo, they now have their own WEBCLIP icon. :smile:
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    Great Site with all known OFFICIAL WEBCLIPS
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    Webclip Creating Sites

    Did it! Thank you so much! i'm gonna send an e-mail to Wells Fargo asking them to add one. I think if we did that for every site we want one for, it might speed things up. Just send the great directions posted by Apple.
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    Known Webclip list has their own now, too.
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    Webclip Creating Sites has their own Webclip icon now. :smile:
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    Restore Erase Webclip Icons?

    Probably a dumb question but would a restore erase all Webclips I've put on my home screen? Might be best to make a folder of all icons I've used and save to a folder on my Macbook in case I have to upload to one of those Webclip Creating Sites again.
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    Webclip Creating Sites

    Darn! Looks like you can only use the code once and I was looking for a Wells Fargo icon. They must have quite the icon library on their site. Wish they'd make that public, that'd be awesome!
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    Webclip Creating Sites

    Wondering if it is dangerous to use those sites? or ? If you upload the image to them and put in the URL, they create a webclip for you when you access their site on your iPhone. I think it is basically a redirect. Is this a risky thing for the user? Thanks so much for...
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    Customized Websites Home Screen Icons

    Thought the same exact thing when I read about it yesterday! :laugh2:
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    your home screen

    Yes you can add an icon which looks good. read about it here:
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    I've just un-jailbroke.......

    A quick fix for this is found at: and download the CaptionCrunchCarrierString. I had to do it earlier as well and it could NOT have been easier.
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    My Custom Theme!

    Okay, THAT is hysterical!
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    weather/map apps not loading?

    I have a Jailbroke 1.1.2 and everything seemed fine including Summerboard and Task Notifier and Apollo. For some reason, Weather Update always Fails and Maps doesn't load anything. I've done the reset with Power/Home buttons. Is there a fix for this? Is anyone having the same issue...
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    POST 1.1.2 compatible apps here!

    Can we post all APPS that are compatible with a Jailbreaked 1.1.2? I know there are issues people are having with Summerboard and there are many APPS that were 1.1.1 ready but now it's seeming too risky to try them out. A list would help. Thanks!
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    Apple Web Apps Site Is Now Live!