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    The mini 2 is available and the mini 3 is discontinued???

    There's something wrong with this right? Has Apple ever done this before, continuing something 2 generations old and discontinuing the previous generation? Or maybe this is just a Canada thing?
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    Help. iPod stuck on cable-iTunes screen

    As the title says, my iPod (gen 5, which ever is the last) is stuck on the cable-iTunes screen. The twist is I was deliberately running iOS 6 or maybe 7. Which ever version, the choice was deliberate as nothing in the later releases interests me and I know better than to pair an older device...
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    Can I avoid transferring purchases from my iPod?

    no, I no longer jailbreak (nor root) any of my devices. I'll look at the manual management. at first glance it didn't look like that turns off app syncing but I'll look closer. Sent from my OnePlus One
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    Can I avoid transferring purchases from my iPod?

    up until today, I've never had to connect my iPod to my PC. unfortunately my wife needs some songs transferred to it. edit: someone will likely suggest buying the song from iTunes on the iPod. actually, its a rip of a cello CD that my child uses to practice from. so no, having to buy it again...
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    iPhone Plus too big, I already miss my 5s

    do you think this Samsung is too big? Sent from my OnePlus One
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    Solved: Post reproducibly crashes tab on Safari; OK on Chrome

    maybe hide made up words in another language. eg. reproduirilment ;) Sent from my OnePlus One
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    If you see this post, you are on the new server

    hmm, I guess my iPod is on the old sever. Sent from my OnePlus One
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    It chaps my hide.

    I typically sell my used items between $100 below new or 50% of original purchase, +$25 to buffer for haggling, which ever is the higher yet below all current sales of the closest new matching item. Assuming your $30 rule, these sellers are expecting for $520 for a used 64GB iPad mini 2 and...
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    wonder if this attachment will work. Sent from my OnePlus One
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    iPhone 6 Bendgate

    but did you carry/sit with it in your back pocket. I assume the 4/4s was back-pocket-able. Sent from my OnePlus One
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    It chaps my hide.

    the smell of certain cologne and hair products makes me gag. Sent from my OnePlus One
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    Apple Pay at BJ's club

    wish we had dick's up in Canada as they've a kayak I've my eye on. Sent from my OnePlus One
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    iPhone 6 Bendgate

    every phone I've ever owned. never bent one yet. course I'm likely jinxing myself. will report if I do bend just for the lulz. Sent from my OnePlus One
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    It chaps my hide.

    look at this [explitive]. s/he's asking $250 or a MacBook for a cracked 1st gen mini that's been upgraded to 8.1 *cough* slow/mismatch *cough* and has the nerve to add; no lowballers & serious inquiries only. I'm temped to offer a MacBook trade and send them on a wild goose chase because a rude...
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    It chaps my hide.

    I do not understand why those selling used Apple products consistently expect to rip off the buyer. These listings are consistent across multiple listings and suggests; 1. that as a group, the sellers are not even aware of their inflated expectations, 2. that there are too many buyers that...