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    "Fast and Free" Giveaway - 3G iPhone Grand Prize

    Posting my post to try and get me a free iPhone. Still loving the original and will defend it till i die ;)
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    looking for food log webapp or optimized site Awesome site for food logging and goal tracking. It isn't built for the iPhone but the whole site works without a hitch. Also check out for support and extensive information on weight loss and nutrition.
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    Ringtones w/iTunes

    I have 1.1.1 on my iPhone and iTunes . I am just looking for away to get ring tones on the phone without using jail break and what not again.
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    Ringtones w/iTunes

    bump for another answer?
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    Prob with iPod function

    I have hhad that happen to my once or twice but i have also been having my songs pause right in middle and start again on their own accord. Shortly after my remote on my headphones stop working...
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    Belkin F8Z170-KG Active Armband $10

    Problem is that the account I used was a new google checkout account. So I don't know what the deal is. I called to ask but was kept on hold for 35 minutes and i hung up and sent then an email. Thanks for your help, any other ideas would be great.
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    Belkin F8Z170-KG Active Armband $10

    Thanks for the post, was looking at getting this but I can't get that same price for some reason. What am I doing wrong using google check out. Still coming out to 20.67
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    Best Wireless Router?

    I have never really been a fan of Belkin but cant really say no that isn't a good router. Most routers do their job and you wont notice a large difference between any of the manufacturers. I would stick with Linksys, the have by far the highest quality reception and as well as the best security...
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    iPhone Bag

    The bag i had i destroyed within minutes of buying the phone. I don't know if it was like this for everyone but mine came in a sealed bag and there was no way to get it up without tearing it. Sorry
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    Any FM Transmitters work in the Car?

    I have used the monster cable with great results. First time i tried using it i did it with airplane mode on and the second time with it off and i only got static once or twice....
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    Yes, I got an iPhone, but...

    I have never backed up my iTunes content and after a reinstall had no problems so I didn't mention it. don't get so angry. As for the OP you should post in the Apple support forum as well as checking which ever virus program or firewall you are using.
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    Dude, quit giving out my number I should report you!:wink:
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    minivini you are totally missing out and probably more paranoid then you need to be but to each his own. Ill talk to the owner about the phone numbers purpose for you.
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    Yes, I got an iPhone, but...

    completely uninstall iTunes and restart your computer. Download a new version of iTunes from Apple and install. Restart computer, check to seek if it works. If it doesn't work check and make sure your firewall allows incoming and outgoing connections from iTunes. Let us know, we'll kick...
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    It takes a little bit of practice just like duck hunting. There is a lag so you kind of have to compensate for that. Just thought I would clue those in who are looking games. I figured some may have trouble with it, I know I did my first game or two.