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    What is the difference between the Wrist Detection and Wake Screen on Apple Watch?

    I was wondering, as I was trying to explain to my wife how to turn off the feature that turns on the watch face when you raise your arms up, the following... What is the difference between the "Wrist Detection" and "Wake Screen" selections on the Apple Watch app on iPhone? When Wrist Detection...
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    Telephone call sound..

    Thanks. I did what you said and, while not perfect, it may be a little better.
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    Telephone call sound..

    Greetings, The wife and I splurged on two new Apple Watches (42mm & 38mm), this past Friday. So far, we like everything except for the phone app. The sound is way too low to hear well. We have adjusted the sound to full blast on the iPhone app, and in the watch settings. The Apple video...
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    What iPhone did you get!

    I agree. I am so happy I did not go with the 6 Plus as I was originally thinking about. The 6 is perfect in every way.
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    Pre-ordered on 9/12 still didn't get it

    For the most part, I've always ordered my iPhones with the Apple app on the very first day of ordering. I've always received my orders on launch day. I've had every iPhone since the very first (save the 5C which is the same as the 5 I had, but in different clothing). I've only purchased two...
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    An amazing video displaying the video/camera capabilities of the 6/6+!

    Very cool! I watched the whole thing on my new iPhone 6!
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    iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

    I purchased the iPhone 6 (128GB). In two words: LOVE IT! The 6 Plus was just too big for my preference (it is a telephone, after all). After holding an iPhone 6 Plus at my local Best Buy earlier this evening, I absolutely know I made the right choice. The 6 has a GREAT screen size and is...
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    iPhone 6 Plus, it's really big

    I was also seriously thinking about purchasing the iPhone 6 Plus but I read many reviews and did a quasi-comparison of similar-sized 5.5" phones at my local AT&T store and I found that the 6 Plus would be too big for my preference. So I ordered the iPhone 6 in 128GB. I received my new 6 today...
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    Track your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments here

    Me, too. It's been showing, "Preparing to Ship" for many days. The tracking shows its in Louisville, KY, and will be delivered tomorrow.
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    Opinion on my Camping dilemma...

    I've never camped out for an iPhone and I've owned every iPhone since the first. I've always received the newest iPhone on the first day through the mail. In fact, when the iPhone 5 was released for sale, I ordered three (3) on the first night of sales through the Apple website and received...
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    Track your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments here

    So, first, my order was "Processing." Now, it is "Preparing for Shipment."
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    Track your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments here

    I was able to order my new iPhone 6-128GB through the Apple app on Friday morning around 6:25a. Today, almost 36 hours later, my order status shows the following..
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    Which new iPhone 6 are you getting?

    I just went to the AT&T store locally and looked at the Samsung Galaxy. It has a 5.1" screen (.4" smaller than the new iPhone 6+). I am glad I stuck with my order of an iPhone 6-128GB. The 5" or greater screen is too big for a cell phone in my opinion. I've got an iPad Air I use for reading...
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    Which new iPhone 6 are you getting?

    Um, Space Gray has a black face. Stick it on just about any case (except clear) and no one will notice the back is gray. I've got a space gray iPhone 5s in a black Speck case and you can't tell at all that I don't have anything but a black iPhone.