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    Rumor: Apple Testing 3.9-inch new iPhone 5

    You are correct, my listening is exclusively through headphones. And most of the port outs in docks are line level out so that you can hook it to a stereo not a headphone out. I am sure others would not mind it as much, or can work with it (and I guess I will too, if it ends up there). I was...
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    Rumor: Apple Testing 3.9-inch new iPhone 5

    I do not know about the 3.5 mm headphone port at the bottom of the phone. I have it on the touch and hate it there, it is always in the way when using docks etc. I rather prefer the placement on the current iPhone.
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    The Good Morning Thread

    Sounds like he gave the evidence away to the driver from his description. So it might be too late for taking pictures. @Bennyboy if you decide to report them, I wander if not having evidence would hamper their investigation. Or maybe they just take the complaint and add it to a file somewhere...
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    Diablo III

    I was able to play for an hour last night, without any issues. Since I can only dedicate a limited amount of time to playing the game, that link might help in seeing if they are having issues prior to planning to play the game.
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    New iPhone sighted :P

    When I stopped at my local frozen yogurt shop. I noticed their advertisement used an iPhone for it. Although they seem to have found one with a larger screen (photoshopped). Thought I would share as if anyone might get a kick out of it, it would be here. I also considered it funny that they...
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    Apple's policy change on out of warranty iPhones

    @Europa, Thanks for the info, I was not aware of the pro-ration will try to use it on my next upgrade.
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    Apple's policy change on out of warranty iPhones

    Europa, how do you request the pro-ration or does it just happen automatically when you upgrade?
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    How to SMS/MMS a mailto link with subject auto-filled?

    I see what you mean, yeah mailto overall is not working for me in the messaging app when received as an SMS. It does work in Safari if I copy the SMS message and paste it into the address bar. So it seems like message is no longer opening the browser to execute the mailto command it appears to...
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    The Good Morning Thread

    I am surprised that birds are not picking to eat that massive display of food.
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    How to SMS/MMS a mailto link with subject auto-filled?

    Are you formatting it like this? instead of using the & prior to subject as I believe the iPhone will not translate it that way.
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    Samsung Galaxy S III vs New iPhone

    The front camera records at 720p and the rear camera records at 1080p in the Samsung Galaxy III. If that is the phone you were asking about.
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    I'm a zealot!

    Congratulations, on the achievement. I am still fairly new only XXX posts and XXX likes to go.... :D
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    Killer iPad keyboard UI demo. Such a good idea!

    I wonder how many feature request entries it would take for Apple to consider adding a feature to the ecosystem. I do realize that there would not be a set number, but I would be surprised that if only a couple of requests came in for something that it would be implemented. (Unless they...
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

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