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    Using $100 credit in iTunes Store

    that's not entirely true. i've been to a couple Apple stores and they've said that you cannot use your credit to buy iTunes gift cards.
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    iPhone not checking for emails

    yeah, i've recently noticed the problem as well. usually, the emails get pushed through...eventually. but lately, they're not coming through at all and then i get a bunch of emails at the end of the day. From what I gather the "solutions" are: 1) delete and re-enter the account information...
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    What is your ringtone?

    Stock "Old Phone" ringtone.
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    Apple Web Apps Site Is Now Live!

    you'd think they would make a webapps catalogue that is optimized for the iPhone.
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    What Is This Thing? Help!

    have you ever wondered why there is sound emerging from your "proximity sensor"?
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    Speed testing iPhone connection

    I got anywhere between 166 and 167kbps on EDGE.
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    new iPhone commercials

    I thought they were cool. First, it kind of catches you off guard...when I saw the Stephano commercial my first thought was "Hey, that guy has an iPhone"...then it was "hey, this is an iPhone commercial". I couldn't tell if these were actors or real people...but three months in with the iPhone...
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    Perception of those around me iPhone vs. BB

    yeah, i get that vibe myself. Very well put.
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    foreign alphabet on keyboard?

    apologies if this has been posted but I just found a new feature of update 1.1.1 Apparently there are "foreign" letters and characters embedded in the keyboard. If you hold down "o" for example you see an ô, ö, ò, ò, ó, õ, œ, ø on one giant key. Kinda nifty if you need it.
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    then go get one and join a message board called Everything Motorolla. Did you not see the title of this website when you joined or are you just a dummy?
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    WiFi store on iPhone

    that's because you need a wifi connection.
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    The iPhone Update Thread

    i can't effing believe i'm going along with this... September 27, 2007 1:05am Los Angeles, CA Update Not Available Mood: gassy :tounge:
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    Hint that Update will come shortly!

    I was referring to the post above that said the lack of update was causing a stock price decrease.
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    Hint that Update will come shortly!

    hmmm...the stock has gone up $15 since the WiFi store was announced. your post makes sense because?