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    Is your iPhone naked?

    Mine is Zagged only. and i love it.
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    Fuzzy background noise using aux jack with iPhone 4

    I have the same case ad you and have no issues. I use it daily. Do you think it could you head unit?
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    Ios 4.1 finally implement avrcp stereo Bluetooth

    Amen. There should be a thread on this alone
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    Which pocket do you put your iPhone in?

    I am a righty, and keep it in my left front pocket LCD facing thigh with home button facing up.
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    AT&T to have iPhone 4 tomorrow!

    you have to be on Wifi and the party you are calling be on WiFi as well
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    iFrogz Luxe Lean Review with pictures

    The iFrogz Luxe Lean I purchased the iFrogz Luxe Lean on iDay4 to protect my investment until something better came out. I have been pleasantly surprised with it up to this point. First let me start off by saying that I am all about minimalism. I like to keep my phone in my pocket and not...
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    So tired... anxiously awaiting for my iPhone

    I have yet to receive mine and it is 145 in the east :(
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    How many of us yet to get tracking ?

    Finally got my tracking info on att site. Premier still shows in progress
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    How many of us yet to get tracking ?

    I am in the same boat... IN PROGRESS. But I did move out of the backordered status. The 877 number tells me the same thing
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    AT&T Premier site orders, anyone's status change?

    You are not the last one... we are dinning together. :)
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    AT&T Premier site orders, anyone's status change?

    My wifes is the same way, she ordered early on the 15th, but the AT&T site says 16th and backordered. She is getting quite pissed!
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    Win the iPhone 4

    I am going to be the winner ;)
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    Early upgrade?

    This is what drives me nuts. AT&T cannot get their crap together. Some folks that bought on 3Gs iDay get it, and others don't. I am in the don't category, but I am not stressing. It just seems odd to me that some get the upgrade and others do not.
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    WWDC '10 Coverage

    June 21 for the update
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    very dim screen when waking phone after sleep mode

    Happens to me as well. It has also happened to my wifes 3g. I wonder if it is a 3.0 glitch