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    Apple Schedules iPhone 4 Press Conference for Friday

    I am not completely convinced that they created the bumper to "cover" the issue. There was no guaranteeing that everyone would buy one or even a case for that matter. I think it's purpose was to show off as much of the beauty of the phone while protecting it from drops and their take at a case...
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    Apple Releases iOS 4.1 Beta

    I have it installed on my iPhone 4 and it seems to be even more smoother than it was on iOS 4. Other than that and the new signal bars there have been no other major changes I have noticed. My reception issues still remain.
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    Apple Schedules iPhone 4 Press Conference for Friday

    I think the rumors of a recall might be coming true. If anything I am sure this will be about the reception issues, whether to deny them or completely come out and say sorry we have or are coming out with a real fix.
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    What are the 100 changes?

    The rotate photo was in the beta, I have a screenshot of it around here somewhere. It has also quickly shown it's face then disappeared when I realized it and went back to see if it was actually in iOS 4. Resize shows up I think only when you email a photo, you can choose from Actual size...
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    bummed out

    No problem. Yeah it helped me to see someone very similar in battery life. I decided to shut off auto brightness to see if that would make a difference but it doesn't seem to, if anything it made it worst. Originally restored from backup of a 3GS (which had been restored as new a month or two...
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    iPhone and Verizon

    Yeah but supposedly verizon had a meeting saying they will not be carrying the iPhone and will rather be focusing on it's line of Android devices. And also the COO sent a memo saying iWhatever to the iPhone. For as much as these rumors come from very reliable and respectable places like...
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    Warning about Apple bumper case

    I really like it but just like everyone else it doesn't allow for use with docks, which is what I use daily to get myself up for work. When I first got it I was like, this thing is going back asap because the lock button on the case kept the real lock button down causing it to bring up the Slide...
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    What are the 100 changes?

    Here is the best place to see all the features compiled into a list. I didn't count all of them but there has to be around 100. My rough count is 93, not all are guaranteed to be in there I noticed a few that were only in the beta but like I said it is close to 100. Apple iOS Version History
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    Which pocket do you put your iPhone in?

    Can't say I do anything differently. Right handed and same position in my front left pocket. :ok:ok
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    bummed out

    I did the same thing yesterday with "stress testing" and ended up with: Usage 5 hours 57 minutes Standby 13 hours 13 minutes With 3% battery left So somewhat worst than yours, but when I say stress tested I was using the absolute crap out of the thing, way more than typical use. The phone...
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    I haven't checked the devforums in a while, but unless you are constantly checking the site you may have missed a thread about 4.0.1. You know how picky they are when it came to unreleased betas, they would lock and remove any thread like that asap
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    Yeah just compare it to when they found the phone and went crazy with reviews about how great it was. They are most definitely bitter, don't forget they didn't get any tickets to the WWDC iPhone 4 and iOS 4 event (that wasn't just bad luck, it was on purpose). Along with the legal actions from...
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    I think it will be coming soon, just going by a few articles. Steve telling an iPhone 4 owner in an email that there is no reception issue and to "Stay tuned" And posts being removed from Apple's Support Forums Now the support forums could be just from Apple not allowing speculation on their...
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    iOS 4 Hidden Secrets (?)

    The double tap + hold was in an earlier beta and depending on how you restored (backup or new) it either pulled whatever you had it set before or the phone favorites since that was the default. The gizmodo article is from April 12th so it is not up to date. You can see another one of the...
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    iPhone 4 pre-order starts at...

    I had my order in through AT&T around 5:30am EST and every once in a while I tried on the Apple site, just a few minutes ago the Apple site went through without a hitch. I was about to cancel my order through AT&T and cancel my bumper with Apple so I could combine the order through Apple but I...