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    iPhone 11 Got my new iPhone 11

    Finally, I just retired my iPhone 7 and got a new iPhone 11 about two weeks ago and really like it. I had to recharge my old 7 every night in order to make it through the day. Granted my battery health was down to about 80%, but even when it was new I was almost always down to about 30%...
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    I finally had to break down and get a new laptop to replace the almost ten year old, "Slower than molasses in January", Compaq laptop I had. I went shopping and picked up a Lenovo that seemed like a winner on paper until I started loading my software into it. That made it about as slow as the...
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    iPhone 7 Whatever happened to ask a question get an answer here???

    Every post listed since September 14, 2018 seems to defy logic. Not one question just a listing of web addresses that have nothing to do with seeking advice about any iDevice I've ever seen. The only thing that come to mind after viewing many of those posts is "Whisky Tango Foxtrot"!!!
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    There are a couple of the old time members around but there doesn't seem to be much going on and...

    There are a couple of the old time members around but there doesn't seem to be much going on and that's sad.
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    iTunes 12.6.3 Now Available with Apps and Ringtones Syncing Restored

    My apologies, I should have taken more time and written that post a little more accurately. The iTunes Library.itl file was the one I had to find and remove by renaming it to iTunes Libraryitl.old, not the entire music library before reinstalling the earlier version of iTunes. I don't remember...
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    iTunes 12.6.3 Now Available with Apps and Ringtones Syncing Restored

    I'm using a PC had a similar issue a couple months ago and I remember having to find and completely uninstall every vestige of iTunes. I Googled "How to completely remove iTunes from my computer" which involves uninstalling 5 or 6 apple programs in a particular order. After following those...
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    iPhone 6s Trouble with Touch ID on iPhone 6S?

    I haven't seen any problems with the fingerprint scanner other than the usual having to redo my fingerprints because of change of seasons making my fingerprints dry out or crack and also issues with using hand lotion vs. not, but never anything that caused problems that quickly. Please let us...
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    Let's post some fun stuff here

    We opened up our summer place for the season this weekend. Now if Mother Nature can just get her act together and give us the weather we should be getting this time of year we can get this party started!!
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    iTunes wont start after being closed out.

    I start up iTunes, sync my iPhone to my computer's Outlook software and then I'll close out iTunes. I'll check that all the changes are reflected on the computer and on my phone and everything is as it should be. If I make some additional changes a couple hours later and want to sync them I'll...
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    Song of the Day

    Mellowed out much of last night and again this morning to Henry Mancini. Very relaxing.
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    Find my Friends iOS 12.2.6

    My son went to "The Dark Side" several months ago and we were using Find My Friends regularly. I still use it all the time between my wife and I and have had no issues with it on our iPhones 6 & 7 even after the update to iOS 11.3. My son and I now keep track of each other using the free...
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    iPhone X So I did it.... ATT thought I was crazy

    I'm currently using an iPhone 7 and am quite happy with its performance. I started with the iPhone 3G and have bought all the major number iPhones since then, the 4,5,6, and now the 7. I'd purchase each phone outright to avoid having a contract then pass my previous phone on to my wife thereby...
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    Song of the Day

    Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Junior, Nat Cole etc. were all my Mom and Dad's music but I have come to greatly appreciate it as does my son. Even my grandsons like some of it as well. Good music is good music and all ages can appreciate it to some extent.
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    Song of the Day

    Have been in a Sinatra mood lately. If you need something to get mellow with, give "Summer Wind" a listen, then try a few more.
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    Just watch "The Last Jedi" for the second time and still shed a tear at the ending. Excellent Movie. If you have enjoyed the star wars saga thus far you will for sure enjoy this one as well.