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    The final word on the iPhone :)

    There's a lot of cool gadgets coming guys, just hold on... maybe it'll change your mind!
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    Breaking news! CNBC reporting that modified iPhones soon to be inoperable!

    It could be! nothing is impossible nowadays! maybe they have some valid reasons, who knows right.
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    What's the last product that had you this excited?

    PS3 and WII, i've been testing some of these really cool gadgets, it makes me unwind a little!
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    The new iPod shuffle

    can u guys tell me where to find those tini-tiny gadgets? thanks kabeyun for those pretty tiny gadgets... still looking for some!
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    iPhone seems slow and laggy

    If you have tried some tweakings on your iPhone, try setting it all back to its default configuration, maybe it'll help solve the problem... iPhones are not perfect yet, bugs are everywhere!