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    How often does Safari crash?

    never has crashed on me. *knocks on wood*
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    What cases have you seen...

    i think im getting this Vaja case, they are so NICE!
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    What cases have you seen...

    yes these look HELLA nice, i may order one of those.
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    Resolution for iPhone wallpapers?

    320w x 480h 160 ppi
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    How Long Did You Wait?

    5 hours and 15 mins, 3rd in Line, 8 GB iPhone.
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    Has anyone asked you about your iPhone In public?

    yes i have been asked multiple times.
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    I want to make separate folders in my photos!

    ooooo, hmmmmmmm, i selected a folder, they just came over as separate images, will try again.
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    I want to make separate folders in my photos!

    does anyone know how to do it yet? in the videos i thought it showed him having folders of paris/london whatever etc.... i would like to have folders. like a folder of all my contact people pics, folder of wallpapers, folder of " " etc.
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    battery charge time

    the first time i charged it, it took a while, but i got a full charge. so i used it a ton to get it to drain the battery completely yesterday. plugged it into the wall when i went to bed around 4 30 am, woke up around noon and it still wasn't charged? wtf is up with that. i even had the...
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    Phone gets hot when used a lot?

    every cell phone ive ever used gets hot after use. imagine talking to someone for 5 hours straight, did that the other night, not with iPhone, that baby was piping!
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    Which is better Gmail or Yahoo?

    i have a yahoo account (my primary) and a gmail account.
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    Cleaning Glass

    yes, can you use eye glass cleaner?
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    Who LOVES their iPhone?

    i love the freaking thing. i just want to get some new stuff figured out. #1 i want to get custom ring tones working soon, that would be really nice. if this never gets implemented, or does, but its that .99 per one thing or whatever i will be really really mad. Huge step back in my opinion...
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    Internet and receiving calls?

    i know you cant do edge and talk at the same time, but earlier today i was on wifi and all of a sudden i got a buzz, went to the home screen and noticed i had a voice mail. my phone never even rang? now the night before, i was on the phone first, put the person on speakerphone then...
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    Getting a Full Charge?

    agreed, thats how i finally got the full charge.