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    great AIM app for iPhone

    sorry if this is a kinda dumb question.. i use beejive...i love it....but somone asked me the other day if it counts as text messages? i just want to make sure it doesn't! and i am not being charged extra right? im thinking a NO to both answers b/c its on safari and ......i duno how it could...
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    can you dowload games from iTunes and put on iPhone?

    can you buy games from iTunes and put on phone?
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    How long do you think it will be before the next iPhone version comes out?

    doubt iPhone prices will go down...because ipod prices don't go ones come out..possibly cheaper ones but Apple does fine w/o lowering prices. eventually i think people just give in and pay.
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    SOLUTION: Maps widget only showing 10 pinpoints

    good job..thanks for info! :)
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    Little rant from someone who doesn't have iPhone yet

    yes its pretty awesome. before i got mine i was reading all of these complaints but i was thinking the opposite of you. i was soo excited to get one but i had my mind thinking "i know somethign will be messed up with mine but i don't care" far no hugeeeee problems..but who knows...STILL with...
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    have there been any updates....will there be one soon?

    i have not connected my iPhone to the computer since day 1...which was friday for me. i saw it said to check back for updates and there might be one on July 12 or 13 i cant remember. has there been one that i have missed. also will there really be on this week..if so what do u think it will be?!?!
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    how long should battery last?

    ok i have not let my battery go under probably 30% but it feels like my battery does not last a long time....i really doubt i could surf the web for 6 hours or whatever they say. how can i tell if i have a messed up battery? today it seemed to do pretty good but i barely used it. this morning it...
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    On the Maps thing...what is the little car icon on bottom right

    lol. that is what i was thinking....but nothing showed up so...........oh well.
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    are you still happy

    love it :) i thought i would have more problems with it because before I received mine i saw all of the complaints but so far it is great...I mean a few minor things like i was worried about battery life and little things but then i most phones can't do half of the things the iPhone...
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    On the Maps thing...what is the little car icon on bottom right

    sorry if this is a dumb question but every once in a while i see something on the iPhone that i click and don't know what it does. when i go on the maps thing and i am looking at a map of how to get from a place to another place.....on the bottom right is a little picture of a car and i click it...
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    Edge seems slower some does than others and i have same amount of signal?

    1st of all in the title of the post it is supposed to say DAYS not live in the middle of nowhere so its really hard to get signal at my house for edge but i have an area in my house where i usually get 2-4 bars and edge seems pretty good speed. but starting last night...
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    how to permanently delete an email?

    when i check my aol mail from the iPhone i thought it would show new mail only but it shows all mail that i have read on my computer in my iPhone's inbox. also i tried to delete some emails from the iPhone and they just keep coming back to my inbox? how do i fix this?
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    How do you put stuff on iPhone like addons?

    what about this igoogle and the ichat thing?
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    How do you put stuff on iPhone like addons?

    sorry i don't understand this stuff but are there addons u can add to your phone like AIM and such? or is this not possible. someone showed me an igoogle site and stuff but how do u put the things on your phone? thanks for any info.
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    web messenger

    does any type of site work like or something so i can get on aim. I go on meebo but it never signs on... Just loads. Has anyone gotten anything to work?