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    Don't update if you like null river stuff...

    Thanks, I was looking for this info everywhere. I'll try to wait for the hack...I love that money app too much to get rid of, it makes me a semi-responsible person with my money now! Haha...
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    How do I know if I unlocked my phone?

    Can you put the back on after the update? Or will it then not work with 1.1.1?
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    Anyone besides me possibly giving up iPhone?

    My girlfriend just got a Blackberry after me having the iPhone since release day. I was excited to see what all the hubbub was about, and try it out, but after an hour of fooling around with it, it just felt like a cheap slab of plastic for close to the same price as the iPhone. Not to bag on it...
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    Official iPhone Update 1.1.1 Software Update Release Discussion

    But what about all of us with hacked phones, Im terrified to update! Guess I'll do some more searching on the site to find out...
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    MySpace App + App maker

    Could you post the link to the new thread? Thanks!
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    MySpace App + App maker

    Ahhh, thats gotta bw what it is! I never knew how to modify the plist file. If you could help out with that, itd be great! Right now the myspace apper just brings up a blank black screen.
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    MySpace App + App maker

    yeah, i used ibrickr to install, and it didn't work. I used manzana to delete the files. Still doesn't work every time i try...
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    Halo 3 Theme

    Yeah, Id like to try it too... Thanks!
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    MySpace App + App maker

    don't know if this was posted already, but check it out. I can't get the myspace app to work yet, all I get is a blank screen. Let me know if anyone gets it to work, and good luck!
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    myspace for iPhone...

    Its not an actual iPhone app, but you can make a quick link app on your phone to the website. too bad I can't get it to work yet...I just get a black screen everytime I click it on my phone. this is where it'll have to do for now. let me know if anyone gets it to work...
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    Delete a folder in iBrickr?

    Fixed it! Sweet.
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    Delete a folder in iBrickr?

    I installed the myspace app but made about 3 folders and 3 of them show up on my phone now but only 1 works. Is there any way with in or with out the iBrickr app a way that I can delete actual folders on my iPhone?
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    Anyone tried third party app "iLight" yet?

    On the 4th of July my buddies and I were on the Malibu coast and he used his Motorola Q Flash from his camera for a light when it got dark out after the fireworks. I had my iPhone for what, 5 days? And it didn't have something similar. I was pretty jealous. So I just got the iLight today...
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    Setup Voicemail and now people cannot call my iPhone

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to say I had the same problem. I went to the ATT store and gave me the simple solution. Dial 611 from your phone. It will ask you your number. Press 1. It will then ask you a few options. The voicemail option is the 3rd. Press 3. It will then ask you if you want to reset...
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    Jawbone users, come inside..

    Haha yeah, I too have this same problem, and I have huge ears! I was wondering if there was a way to tighten it... It always seems to dangle. Its my first BT set, but besides that I'm happy with the purchase!