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    Is $399 the right price for the retina iPad mini?

    Don't like the price hike (who would right ?) Maybe we have gotten spoiled, whenever they came out with a new iPhone or ipad, the prices always stayed the same (I think), even with upgraded screens, processors etc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - [URL=Tapatalk Free[/URL]
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    iPhone 5s and Lifeproof Fre

    Check out the website, states there is gonna be one Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - [URL=Tapatalk Free[/URL]
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    iPhone 5s and Lifeproof Fre

    So I got the 5s and the flash does seem fully exposed, don't really care to much about the fingerprint sensor. Gonna have to try a few pics to make sure the flash works correctly Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - [URL=Tapatalk Free[/URL]
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    Is It Really Worth Upgrading From the iPhone 5?

    I usually sell mine on eBay. The iPhone 5 16gb are going for approx $400 the last time I checked. If you take away the eBay/paypal fees which are a little over 9%, that adds up to around $360. So I usually get the partial subsidy and pay $450+ $36 activation (what a ripoff that is !) and end up...
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    Is It Really Worth Upgrading From the iPhone 5?

    Ditto, it's a no brainer
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    My list of top 5 missing iPhone 5S features

    I would like the control center to have a toggle for location services, it is a big drain on battery life and data and I use it for things like maps and mlb at bat app. It would be nice to have a quick toggle or at least the ability to customize the control center, like sbsettings
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    Lifeproof with the 5S

    Good to know, thanks. So, regarding the flash the only issue would be not being able to use the true tone flash ?
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    iPhone 5s and Lifeproof Fre

    Seems the flash cut out is going to be a problem. I really didn't feel like spending $80 for a new case
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    Which New iPhone Are You Buying?

    Question was reference to commercial re a camel
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    Which New iPhone Are You Buying?

    16gb- I can't decide between the gray or gold, I have a white 5 now. Do u think the gold will have higher resale value ? The color doesn't really matter that much since I use a Lifeproof Fre case- sucks cause I won't be able to utilize the fingerprint scanner. Also, I'm getting it at Target-5%...
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    Why are there no iPhone 5s pre-orders?

    I'm not understanding the rationale, unless you think that just letting the 5c be on preorder will sell more 5c's. I think most people who are ordering know which one they want so what difference will it make to let the both be on preorder. If people are anxious enough to preorder, they really...
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    Finally found a GREAT case

    Some have experienced sound issues
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    Lifeproof case

    I think it is personal preference, I have a Fre and it works fine for me (after a few exchanges). I don't have to worry about anything scratching the screen, even minor bumps are ok. I can put it in my pocket with other things and not worry. I take it to the beach and don't have to worry about...
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    Unable to open Microsoft Documents

    There is an app called office2, there are different versions, 2 are free and 1 is paid, depending on what you need
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    Does the LifeProof fre fit flush?

    I think the statement may be referring to the Fre as that is what the thread is about, and not the 4. I have had 4 Fre cases and they look identical from the outside, the changes were made on the inside.