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    Time for Christmas Shopping!

    I just finished after three grueling days of starting at the computer doing comparative shopping for every person on my list. Now that I am broke, again, I can save until next month when there are 3 birthdays and the fun begins again.
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    New iPhone site

    I was hoping I was not going to have to start a new thread about the phenomenal changes that have occurred over here since my last visit. I think the site looks awesome and I love the color scheme.
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    Are You Going to Buy a Playstation 3 or Wii?

    The WII is great and reasonably priced. Sony has gotten incredibly greedy lately and I think that the fact WII sales double Sony’s in units sold will end up hurting the PS3 unless they do a dramatic price decrease.
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    iPod phones

    I firmly believe that Jan is a bad time to launch this product. People are already over budget from holiday shopping so releasing in Jan doesn't make economical sense. I don't expect there to be more than 3G but Apple is usually full of surprises.
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    I would love to see some sort of tracking (GPS) device in the iPhone. It almost impossible trying to locate someone over the phone when they have no idea where they are themselves.
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    Who is main competitor?

    I never cared for Nokia. I don't think there is going to be much competition from them unless they have something similar in the works. I am starting to believe their main competitor is going to Microsoft.
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    The looks of iPhone

    Photos that are circulating around the internet look like an ipod that's front casing slides down to reveal the phone. To me this would make the most sense because why fix a design that isn't broken. :2cool:
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    Asian Market

    I’m sure they have a plan in place regarding launch and sales in Asia. I’m starting to wonder if Microsoft is going to be successful in beating Apple. The Zune is set for release during the holidays and they have already started on a phone.
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    iPhone Fact

    Joel I like that element of surprise. I'm an active surfer and come across all kinds of things regarding the iPhone except a solid release date. All we can do is wait and see.
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    What kind of camera will iPhone have?

    Unless you are impressed with Motorola’s' camera phone, than you probably are not going to be overly impressed with iPhone. They have set no specifics regarding the product as of yet.
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    iPhone Fact

    If you look at whois the domain is registered to Apple Computer inc in California. So it appears that Apple already owns the domain and has since it first went up.
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    What will be the selling target for iPhones

    I would think that Apple's target is going to mirror what their target is for ipod's. Most people that own an ipod and like Apple are probably going to purchase the phone.
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    Target buyers

    I wouldn't say this product is going to be high end, look at all of the other exorbitant electronic devices on the market. Teenagers have all of the cool stuff nowadays; the price doesn't seem to matter.
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    What accessories do you have?

    There is this great new case coming out it's very expensive but I think I might get if for the Holidays. It is called exotica and is designed for the nano and fifth generation ipods.
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    future of iPod

    Ipod is not going anywhere as far as they're concerned they have projected that sales will rise in the future. They are also releasing the new shuffle this weekend and have new products that are coming soon.