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    Age, Occupation, Income Poll

    35. Male. Enterprise Technology (i.e. Internet Development) Manager.
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    Apple's iPhone to have glass display, better battery life

    Both of these announcements are huge, and the battery information in particular will address one of the biggest remaining rumors floating around the net. (Thanks, Dvorak, you hack.) I'm looking forward to more of these little tidbits every couple days over the next couple weeks. I'll bet we...
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    iPhone models color difference

    I could be wrong, but I suspect that the silver you see in that first picture is actually part of the case/cover accessory. They just put some speaker holes in the case there so as to not block the sound from the real (probably still black) speakers underneath.
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    For those who are leaving Verizon

    I have a friend who tried this exact loophole to get out of his Verizon contract back when they announced the rate change, and rather than let him out of his contract without penalty they told him that they would keep his text message rates at their old price. Neat solution for them, since he...
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    Developers and the iPhone

    Heh. You're right- that article seems to articulate the feelings of all sides pretty well. Good find.
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    Developers and the iPhone

    I would love for that to be true, but I've watched it and to me they imply no such thing. Particularly since Apple doesn't offer any SDK (which one bullet point declared as if it were a feature, ironically) there really can't be much in the way of extra support. They do demo how the sample web...
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    iPhone Application Directory

    Nice work! I think you might want to put in a reference to this page: It contains a simple Digg reader app, but the main purpose behind it is to show other developers how to wrap their apps in a nice faux-iphone skin for testing. He even includes the needed...
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    Developers and the iPhone

    What? That isn't the choice... those options aren't mutually exclusive. 3rd party web apps are always going to be available. As soon as Apple announced that their phone supported full Safari for web browsing, we knew that anyone that wanted to could provide web apps for the iPhone. (or, for...
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    Developers and the iPhone I'm sure they're working like crazy to get a plugin done for flash... I'm a bit surprised it's not already available. We'll have to look forward to a downloadable update. Hopefully soon after launch.
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    Developers and the iPhone

    No, I understand what you were trying to say... that apps can be defined many ways. What I was saying is that the line between a web app and a client app is significant enough that trying to lump them together seems like a marketing stunt to me. I agree with your second point, but absolutely...
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    Developers and the iPhone

    Not to be nitpicky, (I know you were trying to lump them together) but web apps can't be served locally. They can only be launched from their host environment. The might run locally, if they're predominantly JavaScript/AJAX, but you'll always have to go back to the source web page to launch...
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    iPhone Battery Life?

    Yep... specifically, it says: Battery Up to 5 hours Talk / Video / Browsing Up to 16 hours Audio playback Also note that it says in the fine print that this depends on the connection method. I wonder if WiFi web surfing takes more or less power than EDGE... I'd have hoped for a little...
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    I would assume that it would behave in the same way that Steve demonstrated during the keynote. The music would fade out and be replaced by the ring tone. (Possibly you'd hear the ring tone in your headphones, but even if not the music suddenly fading out would be a clue and would allow you to...
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    Today is the day!

    This seems really hard to believe... whoever put this together does seem to follow the flow of a typical Jobs keynote, but why would they announce a new, bigger, touch-screen enabled home device, which will certainly cannibalize iPhone sales right before the launch? As you said, we'll know in a...
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    4GB or 8GB...How many of each?

    Yep. Same here. Ideally they'd have even bigger sizes available, or offer the option of removable flash media of some flavor so that we could upgrade as we go, but given the alternatives I have to go with 8. Movies take up a lot of space! :smile: