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    VPN and Exchange

    Not that I am aware of, I think that's how it was designed to work.
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    Activating..waiting for email...question

    I got the same thing, then waited for hours but the email came finally.
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    VPN and Exchange

    If you mean when I set up the account on the phone did I set it up as IMAP or Exchange, the answer is the latter. Otherwise I don't really know what you mean.
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    VPN and Exchange

    The iPhone settings that work for me are: Host name: Username: jhowton (my username on the domain without the "domainname\" prefix) Password: mydomainpwd Advanced settings: Incoming uses SSL: OFF Outgoing uses SSL: OFF Authentication: NTLM IMAP Path Prefix: INBOX The...
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    VPN and Exchange

    What error messages are you seeing?
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    VPN and Exchange

    Mine works the same way, in email I setup my company email account as an exchange account on the iPhone. On the phone I see my Inbox and all of its subfolders without a calendar or contacts. I use a MacBook Pro as a laptop with Office 2004 and Entourage (Outlook equivalent) and have a Dell...
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    VPN and Exchange

    I have mine sending/receiving email via my company's exchange server and I have it syncing contacts and calendar via Entourage (which in turn syncs with Exchange). I haven't played with the VPN yet, I am not even sure why it's there because there are no applications that can make use of it AFAIK.
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    How Long Did You Wait?

    Walked into the Woodfield mall store on Saturday ~10:00am, no line, no waiting. I bought an 8Gb model but they had plenty of both.
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    My iDay Experiences

    I walked into the Apple store in Woodfield mall at 10:00am on Saturday and walked out with a phone within 5 minutes. No line, no waiting.
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    From (enter device) to iPhone - Switchers!

    Switched from a BB 8800 to 8Gb iPhone. I also have two 80Gb Video iPods which I will run in conjunction with the iPhone (I have two cars and I leave the iPods docked unless I am flying).
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    iPhone leaking electrical current?

    I tried what you are suggesting and felt nothing. Sorry.