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    iPad trade in promos?

    Your best bet for the iPad 1 was last year when Target was offering $200 for it. It's probably worth less than $50 now, so I'd say hold onto it and try to find some other use for it. You may get lucky with another promo during the holidays, but I doubt it...
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    iPad trade in promos?

    I'd hold out trading it in now. I bet there will some better trade in deals during the holiday season (similar to last years's Target offer). I just updated to an iPad 4 and have an extra iPad 2 that I'm not currently using, so I'm hopeful there will be some good trade in offers soon...
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    Are you planning to buy the Apple Watch?

    Nope, not at this price point. Honestly, if Apple wanted to sell lots of these, they could eat some of the high margins and sell them cheaper. I would be interested in the $100-$150 range.
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    IMEI Number wanted?

    I wouldn't give it out. If they want to see that the IMEI is clean, show them when you meet them (assuming you're using Craigslist). Don't ever give it out online... When dealing in eBay and using PayPal, both buyer and seller have automatic fraud protection, so no need to prove anything.
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    App Store says apps needed updated when they don't?

    Gotcha. I'm not a jailbreaker myself, but it doesn't sound like a jailbreak glitch. Sorry I couldn't help you more...
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    App Store says apps needed updated when they don't?

    I know you may not want to lose your JB, but have you considered moving to iOS 8?
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    Got my new iPhone 6 the other day. Lagging issue

    I haven't had any problems and I've had my 6 since launch day.
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    AT&T is purposely confusing me

    I was told by a few reps that this wasn't possible. Thanks for the info. I'll definitely call ATT and look into it now...
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    What Widgets Do You Have?

    Ok, so I'm seeing a lot of people with the Vidgets app. I downloaded the free version, but would love more options. Is the upgrade to pro worth it? What other options does it give you?
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    AT&T is purposely confusing me

    Agreed, my wife and I each ordered our iPhone 6 through Next. It's been good for us so far. The only thing I don't like is the option to slowly pay more on the phones. We would like to pay them off before the year is up so we can sell them (not trade them in). If you want to pay the phone...
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    iPhone 6 iOS 8: Randomly makes noise (tri-tone). No new messages, notification

    I have gotten text and email pull down notifications (and either replied or archived them) and get the sound notification 10 seconds later. Odd.
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    What Widgets Do You Have?

    The Weather Underground app has a nice widget, but I wouldn't consider it minimalistic...
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    What Widgets Do You Have?

    I'm more upset that the paid Weather Channel app doesn't have the widget yet. That's not right. I would download the free one but I hate advertisements...
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    Apple won't solve my problems

    Actually, I've found Apple support forums quite helpful. It sounded like you post may have been deleted because you weren't asking for help, just ranting... You may want to try again, and ask (or do a search for) specific questions to the problems you are having... Secondly, I have been an...
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    I have just spotted an iPhone 6 bug

    It shouldn't work with an iPhone 5 or 5s. I believe Reachability is only for the 6 or 6+ due to their size...